website ranking on the site is very helpful, the website of more H1 tags to improve the keywords ranking, three labels for the search engine to determine the site will first look at the site (title, keywords, description) is very important, the second is the H1 tag is a web site in the theme, the search engine will the main contents of this web page according to the judgment of H1. If there is a H1 tag search engine will not understand the main content of the website will not give a good evaluation ".

3, Links website punished

enterprise station generally do not have too much content needs to be updated, but also hope that the site can often be included, will add several columns to update the article, the fact that the program mostly not what practical significance, but the need to update some of the original article is to have a certain degree of difficulty, so that the updated articles from the major industry website copy this article, love Shanghai not included your article, but also on your site to reduce the confidence.

The There are too many H1 tags

is a just for less than a year of website optimization personnel on site, punished a lot of this article. Recently took over a corporate website "Guiguzi CG education", but the third day website is love Shanghai punishment, the author of "Gui door CG Education Station as an example to elaborate the website by several reasons for the presence of penalty.

The I found some

1, the collection of

the author not only summarize the above four questions to a friend in need, if you have this problem, please solve in order to avoid the site received search engine punishment as soon as possible. Here is the author of some share. In this paper, by CG 贵族宝贝guigumen贵族宝贝 contributor

analysis of penalties by the station, should be timely check the Links. As each site optimization personnel should form a good habit, for example, often check the Links, found Links punished to stand Links removed as soon as possible, so as to avoid the site received implicated. In addition to the exchange links to the prudent choice, not only on the PR of the website, but also from the aspects of website weight, outbound links number, snapshot date etc..

4, the title accumulation of keywords and hidden text connection

GUI door Education

site every day to update the article in order to highlight a keyword in the updated daily headlines have increased the keywords, which leads to the accumulation of keywords phenomenon, it is possible to have a search engine punishment. Some sites in order to highlight the key words in Web site code added hidden text connection, the typical black hat, will let the website ranking within a short period of time there will be a significant increase, but a period of time after the discovery of the search engine, the site must be search engine punishment.

2, website codeH1 tag


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