3) whether the site has brush flow with the site in Shanghai, ranking the weight of love, without what too big

said many webmaster website will be in love with the sea K brush flow, for it to feel the sand quite depressed, because this is in front of the experienced webmaster is absolutely a joke, the first reason is very simple, you love Shanghai’s website traffic, then how are you from a brush. As long as you, to ensure the site stability, don’t release those repetitive content is too high, the outer.

2) the use of love is the love of the Shanghai Shanghai housekeeper or statistics, or love Shanghai alliance does not enhance the website ranking with the weight of

1) more than the site keywords stack, your site appears in search of love Shanghai more chance!

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sand to come across many new owners have made a mistake, it is a pile of Web site keywords, that as long as the keyword of the website more, then the probability of site in Shanghai love search appear more, actually this kind of idea is very wrong, but also to optimize on the site is not good Shanghai, because whether it is love or Google, or some other search engines, they are for the keyword of the website security Lou will have some limitations, but if you work too much, and may be punished by search engines. Furthermore, the weight of each site is limited, when the number of your website keywords, then the weight of your site keywords can be divided into the lower, and a weight is not so high key words, I think no matter how no way with the weight of the high competitive keywords. So when setting the webmaster site keywords, the best is less

usually when chatting with other webmasters, found that many owners have been said since the use of love or love Shanghai advertising housekeeper, Shanghai statistics alliance like love Shanghai products, research website weight is straight up, even for the website ranking and help, it is purely an opinionated idea if you don’t believe, love can go to ask the Shanghai staff, or go online to find the love of Shanghai official, no matter that has made it clear that the use of Shanghai love their products may not improve website weight or ranking, so only to attract the love of spiders in Shanghai visiting only, did not help included with website promotion the weight of


to sand I do stand there for several years, in recent years although there is no hybrid what achievements, but fortunately met many webmaster friends, so for some old webmaster, new Adsense or optimizing the cognitive situation as well as the site of a certain understanding, and recently to sand also met several webmaster to some problems related to love in Shanghai asked the sand, and happen to be these problems, or their views are not correct, in order to establish a correct understanding of some of the new owners, so the sand to put together a few stationmaster today a little love for Shanghai have cognitive errors, are interested in owners may wish to look at

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