is today, Google had moved to Hongkong after nearly two years, the weight factor PR, is still an important reference factor when many websites Link exchange. Many people may not understand, since Google has non mainstream, and slowly forgotten on the horizon, why still so noble love baby PR? As everyone knows, Google because almost no artificial interference (otherwise, it is not necessary to give up such a huge market in the mainland, only by constantly updated sound) algorithm and site weight assignment and ranking. The justice and self proclaimed not evil principle is always the height. Google has no artificial interference, on the one hand, based on the concept of value, on the other hand is the reaction of the leading search engine technology. It is because of the rigorous technique and accurate weight assignment, so the PR value is always webmaster heart judgment criterion of website quality weight.

in Chinese defeat, but Google’s search technology is second to none, just do not understand the traditional code of conduct, let the market in China fraught with difficulties. Don’t preach the technology better, as long as the input of a keyword search can see the outcome, this is one of the second ways of judgment; judgment, the content of the website included quantity, included the amount of Google is generally slightly larger than the local search engine. This is just a form of expression, the deeper reason is Google’s leading technology. As a global company, Google technology team to the artificial intervention as can be imagined, it is also reflected its technical strength. On behalf of Google technology PR, the natural reaction of strength.


a lot of people may not agree with this view, Google said PR represents the objective also did some leftist. The first is the mainstream search engine, Google and YAHOO, removed, love Shanghai, and every technology has director; secondly, the PR is only a part of the reaction site weight, not the PR value high site, ranking must be very high; third, PR can also be false, some PR value high the website, and the website weight is not consistent. If so, why do I still think that Google PR represents the objective? It is because of Google’s core values, as well as Google’s own search technology leader.


has a complex PR value calculation formula, we even don’t know the details. But as everyone knows is that the main factors of the high and low weight website: content, links and web performance etc., are the main factors to determine the level of PR. That is to say if a website PR value is relatively high, such as in the above 6, the ZhengZhan weight must not be too low. The weight of these factors also apply to any other search engine. Therefore, PR reflects the site overall weight to a certain extent. As we all know, the high weight links into a large number of Google can improve the PR value, the same link is main factor to determine the overall weight of the site.

two, Google PR reflects the trend of

PR, a Google representative objective

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