SEM marketing strength depends largely on the quality of the delivery of keywords. Different people search keywords, cognition is different, the demand is different, the transformation of the degree of difficulty is also different. SEM marketing need to combine the present actual situation analysis and selection on, reasonable collocation on the key words. According to the time of human resources, analysis of the tactical problem on keywords. Summary: first, grasp the focus, gradually expand the

Word analysis

SEM marketing keywords on the fourth


in the completion of the above keywords after deployment, the following keywords on the need to take into account is the symptoms, etiology of type. These patients’ intention is very low, patients in the cognitive stage, has not yet formed a clear strong awareness of treatment. In this stage, the completion of the keywords several stages of deployment, but also must be put in. Because of this stage, many are put in for the first few stages of the key services, improve hospital brand image, increase brand familiarity with the patient to the hospital, "

third can be put into the best age for circumcision circumcision, OK, you need treatment of prostatitis and such patients. Treatment of such patients in the surgical treatment of the intention of the weak, but strong in the audience, symptoms, causes of users, because at least they already know their condition, confirm their disease, want to know more information, most of these patients will soon visit.

SEM marketing keywords on the third

main SEM marketing second


in the early stage we finished high conversion keywords after deployment, second to do during the treatment, operation expenses, keywords. With these words the intention transformation is not so strong, there is no clear intention of visiting doctor, but after the class keyword search intention hospital audience. Keywords hospital medical hypothesis is 100%, the treatment of patients with at least 80% intention.

the same, put second period also requires a combination of market environment, combined with their own situation. For example, the cost type of keywords, has the advantage to other competing brands in our expenses, will cost high conversion keywords. Keywords surgical treatment, such as words, are we, the conversion rate is directly influenced by the strength of our brand and brand competition in the market.

conversion keywords, brand word is a must, hospitals and hospital choice, such as which hospital treatment of prostatitis like keywords, according to market analysis. If the market has a very strong brand, that will be a breakthrough in other ways.

conversion core words including brand word, hospital keywords, hospital choice of keywords. Early, we must first cover the high conversion keywords, all patients with high intention should be the main keywords are fix as soon as possible. Until the late time, and then to cover other keywords.

!The main high conversion keywords High

The effect of

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