however, if your site level is high enough, then the search engine is concerned, such as: Sina, Sohu, Tencent level, these sites if search engines, users to search words, the search engine user experience great influence, will be greatly reduced, therefore, the search engine care of this web site, search engine is the same as our webmaster, attaches great importance to the user experience, to improve the user experience, which has become the future search engine or whether it is the inevitable trend of the development of website. Therefore, A5 group of Shanghai dragon diagnosis and optimization (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝/ clients in Shanghai Longfeng) most sites give advice is to improve the user experience of the website, from the user’s point of view to consider doing station, improve the site, only to meet the needs of users, the website can long-term development, exist in the search engine. In order to have a good ranking.


search engine about junk

don’t take yourself too seriously in your website, without you to the search engine did not affect what the webmaster should always have the peace of mind, to calm in the face of all mutations, even if one day search engine to your website directly deleted, also want to be able to accept, do not have too much complain, want to know the search engine is not likely to be aimed at a site, they also do not have this idea, not for a website to take the manpower and material resources, but only through the search engine algorithm to your site classification, clear, let users see fewer related content, has already reached a goal the. So, the next A5 Shanghai dragon group diagnosis and optimization come together and discuss why search engines don’t care about us? What about it?

We don’t care about the

in fact, for this problem, we just stand in the search engine’s point of view to consider will be very easy to understand, to search engines, who included site, to whom the website ranking, it doesn’t matter, as long as the search for users to find the information they need is enough, as to whether your website information from the search engine. Don’t care at all. No matter which website search engine missing are never mind, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises and personal website, search engine is not really care about, because the same website quality, the same information website is too much, not afraid to hundreds of thousands of millions, what search engines have stared at your website gives you a very good website ranking

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search engine

?What about the

you may feel very sad, search engine for the regular standing you did not care, but attach great importance to some of the rubbish site, do not think of the solution, but if you stand in the search engine’s perspective to think about it, when the user in the search for the return of the sports shoes are how to lose weight, and the complete information users want completely detached, very bad impact on the search engine user experience will, if often.

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