I’m Xiaofeng lottery website construction, it is difficult to determine the topic, central link words such as these things, was the lack of experience, because eager to Xiaofeng lottery station built up, began to believe in no co-ordinate work. Later he repeatedly revised the title, description, key words something. The result is not easy to be a collection of web pages, K injured all over the body. Not long after my Xiaofeng lottery website 贵族宝贝7ien.cn/ has been included, I am quite delighted if crazy. After that I won the lottery network finally stabilized, quickly put the title and the center link and fixed word description.

3. sites have high quality friendship link

1. repeatedly modify the title, key words and description.

as the saying goes, such as man, Links do have quality. In Shanghai on the understanding of love Links hold tight, doing my Xiaofeng lottery website of the Links, whether I stand on the Links Xiaofeng lottery, or hanging chain I dare not freeze on other sites, and the joint effect. In this chain do my standards improved, I preferred to do friends chain lottery with my height.

often in Shanghai Longfeng optimization group raises the question of how our web spiders don’t grab ah, so long are not included. I just do our Xiaofeng lottery station, this problem has troubled me for a long time. The following are some of the reasons I am finishing in the analysis of the reasons of the Xiaofeng lottery website not included, we can refer to.

was built in the Xiaofeng lottery pages within the website, Choude my old hair, the hair off the floor, but my hair, otherwise the world got a bald. When do the inside pages also insist to write a few original lottery articles, later to write the contents of a large number of original articles, really could not carry, also to the pseudo original articles. The title was not to do more articles, later found the spider climb not hard-working, began work in optimization of Xiaofeng lottery site reflection. Later, also in some network owners learned that in Shanghai for the title of love. Love is relatively independent, creative writing began within the pages of the website of independent Xiaofeng lottery subject. Do this for a long time, the effect is very good, to say Shanghai is the title of the party, as long as the subject, the spider climb hard completely.

people say Shanghai dragon is a technology live, it seems to me that Shanghai is a dragon is not only a live, but also have ability. I do early in the Xiaofeng lottery website, as workers Shanghai Longfeng I want to plan the road network optimization Xiaofeng lottery. Start from the optimization of the site began to build the lottery station, including the optimization of the structure of the site, Xiaofeng lottery page, content, code, the construction of the chain is indispensable. Why do Shanghai Longfeng work before the need to co-ordinate the content, because we can not build the Shanghai dragon Er website often big action.

2. pages with a separate topic

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