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from the design point of view, it is no problem. When we switch to the code mode, you will find a big problem.


Footer: you may look to find the problem, code nesting error. The normal site in the end after, but these sites are in the template after the emergence of


said in a statement on its website the most basic there is no write complete. And the website is outdated, or the older table layout. As we all know, in order to maximize the effective content of spider grabbed best practices is the site layout using div+css will separate the content and form of the maximum effective content, will be exposed to the spider.

Content: when we look at it is not difficult to find, there are many CSS style program output, rather than manually compiled. From above, we can easily find the red LOGO picture is not the alt attribute, the reason is very simple, the site is caused by formation of a fool. Some notes and content pages can be deleted.

from the design point of view, these templates can stand almost keep up the pace of the times, from the layout looks very suitable for Shanghai Dragon (home page can be updated to lead spider to plate).

. This is a mistake.

2, part of the

1, observe the

to do good work must first sharpen his tools, a lot of people on the site optimization industry contact is not deep, that simply send the chain, a chain, Gaga anchor text is enough to make the site to get good rankings. In fact, if you want to do website optimization, will enhance the level of Shanghai dragon itself to a new level, the target site rectification also very important.

Shanghai channel:

Head: the US is not difficult to see that this template station call on a large number of JS documents, and CSS style file. From the perspective of optimizing the website speed, we must do is to be part of the JS and CSS style file merge, in order to reduce the number of requests for web documents. In order to improve the site open speed. Some website star is actually enterprise stand as just a lot of JS can be simplified, even excluding.

why don’t choose to do site optimization template station, give you some analysis and suggestions. In the analysis before we observe several well-known station platform website template template.

Station – US orange Internet Star:

page layout

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