recently estimated webmaster have loved Shanghai this update toss a headache, page included substantial diving or jet type rise, a time of the Shanghai Phoenix Forum, Voices of discontent. Those who have, under Qiexi heart is, then look at the details included, found not actually own data collection again, began to shout. Instead of the usual red link exchange business booming, many webmaster for snapshot and included problems, has suspended the exchange Links.

just to discuss the statements of a school, please Paizhuan, some light. This article from the 贵族宝贝boai>

why do you say that? We all know that Shanghai is the core content of dragon eight words: content is king, the chain for the emperor. The usual source of the chain webmaster are what? Is the following: chain exchange or one-way chain, the chain blog, soft chain, BBS signature, collection site, and are usually sent to pick the high weight of the site. Weight judgment website, generally means nothing more than look at the site included many, included fast enough, keyword ranking, snapshot update, and how the frequency reference noble baby PR etc.. The noble baby PR update has led to considerable confusion, the new PR increased significantly, PR has not credible basis outside the chain of circumstances, love Shanghai suddenly to the site command and made such adjustments, the webmaster to know the real situation of the chain site where it is obviously not possible to each other? Stationmaster should love Shanghai statistical account into his website to see statistics management. So, the webmaster is no basis to judge the quality of the chain, love also reached the purpose of Shanghai, website has not through a large number of the chain to the rankings. Product weight love Shanghai own high? Review a little a little strict, the chain on the clouds.

There were rumors of

love Shanghai this update is to scrap the site command, to the promotion of love Shanghai statistics of its own, only love from Shanghai statistics can get the most authentic accurate results. From five days without any improvement in the situation, the possibility is not. Go earlier, about love in the beginning, Shanghai has the site command to do a clear numerical adjustment, returned from the search results to the search results is estimated this description, more confused color love Shanghai to the site command attitude. I think, if you love the Shanghai made to the site command to adjust the true love of Shanghai, Shanghai dragon chain’s attitude is very clear – definitely not welcome, think of ways to eliminate.

may think that love is a move to Shanghai to promote their products at the same time avoid statistics, bring chain ranking cheating effect, let the webmaster secure website content, to purify the Internet environment, reduce waste content, but this is a very big blow to the personal webmaster, want to head more hard, perhaps from the Internet a lot less wonderful.

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