The differences of

1. people do, have what.

2. through the search drop-down box, search, index, love love Shanghai Shanghai promotion client method, analysis how to find the demand inside the industry as well as what you can do.

The analysis of the existing

industry: for example, we search for "native", there are the shopping platform is the form of the show, because this industry characteristics are business oriented, or to purchase large quantities of users.

content page only simple words, we can add pictures and illustrations. If the picture, we can do more pictures. There are many pictures, we add video. There are video, we do a detailed explanation of the video. The difference is not shown must be special, people did not do, we should do better than others, such as the layout of the site.

? Find differences must have comparative analysis and competitor comparison website. We should remember the comparative analysis of three problems:

(unified direction: different

How to reflect the differences of

core selling point)

please indicate: Jamie >

3. what you can do. Grasp the needs, take another part of the base of a large user group. If you want to catch the small base of user groups, I feel no need.

direction difference

in Shanghai Longfeng ranking fierce competition today, with most industries are doing the same, have very good rankings in others, if you do the same demand, how you can go beyond them? In this case we need to establish a difference ranking strategy. Others do not, do not, so that we can have the opportunity to go beyond the competitors.

How to find the differences of



platform in the search list: enterprise website, the third party platform (sub domain, channel, page), love Shanghai products (Encyclopedia, Post Bar, pictures, know). Through these platforms to identify what needs. My search results I have introduced in the previous article, here is not heavy clothes.

common industry: common wedding industry of this industry is a basic user will not come again, most people will not be finished to your website, this is the common fault of the industry, the lack of stickiness. So we can make a list of the most beautiful bride, either male or female all love to see the bride, we can set up a voting system and share system, so that users can vote for themselves, but also to let them share bestie together, this is the back flow, and attracted a new flow if the quality of your service, and a good home, perhaps can also form transformation.

The characteristics of

: product attributes such as material quality, price, function, type, work principle and so on, can become the unique selling point of the product.

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