so, don’t touch the black hat Shanghai dragon. More importantly, if you find your competitors in use, don’t silly follow up, let the noble baby know, believe me, you will soon be less of an enemy.

ranking search results how important? According to statistics, 34% of the users will click on the first search results, and only 17% will choose second, behind the result is more and more small. So, this is caused by the manufacturers want to buy list, because there can be more traffic, also may have more revenue. This is the recently occurred in the United States Department Store JCPenney’s story, they found a home in Shanghai Dragon Consulting Company, the results of the company to help them go to the underground black hat Shanghai dragon network bought by the "New York Times" list, capture, complained to the noble baby, on the spot JCP ranking from No.1 off to page sixth.

Shanghai dragon is a very deep knowledge, a short article may not finish. And although I also know a little, but it is not the expert.

this is the fate of noble Remao baby – not but hell, but never more.

network knows Shanghai Dragon (Search Engine / Optimization search engine optimization) in the absence of the importance of social media, it is the only thing you can win a lot of visitors of the free. Today, even if sites such as Facebook have gradually replaced the throne of noble traffic sources the baby, but this is represented as a main site, you have more flow pipe. The number of visitors to the Shanghai dragon is still in growth, so its importance is not reduced.

again, the Internet has been developing for 15 years, and there are too many rules, culture and history. Gradually to Internet business? You need to work together with you, can in the shortest time, the most efficient of these knowledge are.

want to talk about today, is the dark side of Shanghai dragon, also known as black hat Shanghai Dragon (Blackhat Shanghai dragon). What do you mean? Is simply cheating, or that money to enhance your search results in the rankings. Of course not to give money aristocracy baby, even if you have money, they will not help you adjust the position of the search results. But there are some black market service, that can help you do.

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