which is consistent with the love of Shanghai week update rule. Is the love of Shanghai is updated weekly.


love Shanghai data analysis data were modeled to provide website monitoring station house official analysis, observation data and some of the best Shanghai Longfeng webmaster tools and software combined with excellent WordNet site collection, accompanied by his twenty several sites as a reference for comprehensive analysis, based on the principle of statistical analysis, with a large number of site observation the data speak, avoid to the point almost face, random monitoring data of nearly more than 60000 sites, in order to objective analysis.



from the year 2011 data on the average annual total of 54 times, 4.5 times per month.

from the 2011 data, the update time love Shanghai’s overall focus on Thursday and Friday of week update, which Thursday a year there were 11 times, 25 times on Friday, Thursday and Friday a total of 36 times, 54 times in the year accounted for 66.7%, the hit rate of nearly 70%.

2- weekly update cycle

1- monthly update number

data from the first half 2012, the first half in love with sea were updated 24 times, average 4 times a month.

Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng Xiaoran goose flying published in November last year to < < 2011 love Shanghai big update rule of > > < < love Shanghai, big update a week trend analysis > > a series of articles published in the Shanghai love home owners, owners forum, A5 Forum Search, Shanghai dragon forum, a push and other well-known popular forum was very sound, was master of the home page week recommended, A5 forum highlighted recommendation, a push BBS Jiajing, and was repeatedly reproduced, which is reproduced after Lu Songsong blog click rate is up to more than 7400 passengers, the owners of the house owners forum Ctr 13776 people, because of work once out of this forum, many users should request, write the relevant data about love Shanghai big update analysis. The Shanghai Shanghai dragon Xiaoran goose flying now in January 2011 -2012 July two years previous love Shanghai to update the data for statistical analysis, if inappropriate, please forgive master.

data from the first half 2012, update time to love Shanghai from the original 2011 every Thursday, five update time after the transfer to Friday, Saturday to date. The first half of the total number of love among the sea love Shanghai big update for the 24 time on Friday and Saturday, the two day update times for a total of 20 second, accounting for 83.3%, and during the day on Friday the updated probability of 12 accounted for 50% of the day Saturday, in 8 times accounted for 33.3%. >

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