August: his website "bolanbujing lasted more than a month’s time, has been stable during the update, not have the slightest neglect, website that I have this immutable and frozen, has always insisted on. If the website is also heard during the false words can love Shanghai appeal, I hope will not miss a bit, so I have to appeal to love Shanghai but no treatment seems their website is indeed some of the drawbacks of the ah, so in the content of the website and the weight of their own honest efforts. In late August the site was finally some changes, but the snapshot is not updated to the latest update, but I was very happy because the website finally had some changes. The snapshot is updated, the soft is also included, but did not change the rankings do well. When I accidentally in August when low query website top-level domain found the top-level domain name of the web site keywords ranking has some data and the site is increased relative to the two level domain name. At that time thought is 301 redirection, went on a 301 redirect in late August, this bit of heart is full of confidence, because the site during this period of data is still considerable, but is not what ranking changes, but I still adhere to the original, as in the past, the chain, the weight of multi face. Do not work.

met his site is down right, the first thought is to find out the cause of the right to be reduced, according to the time of love Shanghai algorithms to find reasons, 1. sites may be excessive optimization. 2. the content of the website quality is generally not high. Realize the reason why these two immediately after the change! The website optimization excessive local changes were made, and then on the quality of soft start. The site update frequency is very stable, every day a original article, the chain is also a quantitative timing stable update increased. Just a month passed soon, but the site has such as "stagnant water" like no waves. But I also believe that as long as I insist will surely return, so I also always insist every day outside the chain of soft Wen, publish and update, in this period also has been looking forward to bring me a surprise every day.

September: in September, the website data can be said to be very normal, which has a keyword is arrived at home, and also very stable, but the other is still very by keywords (before the site keywords is home), but they are not anxious, because since there are keywords to the home page so other keywords also not far away. One day you >


June black storm believe that many webmaster friends are "pain", one of my sites is no accident affected by serious drop right. Their sites from right down to restore (total weight and ranking recovery) lasted three months, following my rookie Shanghai dragon Hao Xiaoqi came, and you talk about me in the "long" three months drops.

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