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‘s survival is to cultivate the habit of diligence jews. In Jewish families, Jewish parents pay great attention to the cultivation of their children’s diligence. The Jews believed that the creator always gave him the highest honor and reward for the industrious, and that the lazy man would not give them any gifts. But the Jews also agree with the teachings in the book: "it’s not enough to just know how to keep on working."." Many successful Jews have a different understanding of the elements of success than our average people. We may wish to discuss their interpretation, from the following once might have been as the topic of our common sense, they are often we think is a person’s success as well as our own than their place. To see how they can leverage the leverage of our everyday, visible, and common patterns of behavior, and thus achieve an achievement that transcends individual competence. In childhood, whether parents or teachers, for those of us learning achievement is not so satisfactory to their children or students, often give such a warning, but also can be said to be a kind of encouragement: Qinnengbuzhuo Benniao, you can fly! As long as more diligent, you will not be worse than others. After entering society, this belief has become a motto of our life and work, we must be diligent assiduous, can not, can have success! However, shrewd Jews have found that in many cases, although we also have considerable ability, and are willing to pay a maximum effort, but not necessarily to find their way, therefore, often makes you have feeling underappreciated, efforts should also may become a dream, the unemployed have this experience. Even if you have a chance to have a go, may often be counterproductive, even let you down.

used to see such stories in the past media, and a leader worked all night, and we thought it was because he was capable and responsible. But in the eyes of the Jews, it was an act of incompetence. Because of his lack of leadership, he does not know how to assign his work to others

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is a screenshot of the background:

the Jews believe that successful entrepreneurs not because they more diligent than others, to have today’s achievement; although, diligence was once a part of their efforts, but they are not able to cause success. Because a person, even if hard work, can not afford much work. When you see them working too hard, if they’re not in the early stages, I’m afraid it’s time for them to go downhill. The entrepreneur does not need to rely on individual diligence to strive for the success of the enterprise. The key is whether he has the ability to make his subordinates more diligent. Therefore, their minds are mainly about how to make full use of the resources on their hands rather than make the most of them. This is the fundamental difference between entrepreneurs and workers.



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just knows it’s not enough to work all the time,

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