[Abstract] online travel enterprises began to enter the shuffle period, after the news had been scouring on the road C round of financing progress is not smooth.


Tencent science and technology news (Han Yimin) November 24th, Tencent science and technology was informed on the way to wash the president of the company has left the company from the company, currently scouring the road with the wave of the Tang Dynasty have no response to this.

Tang Yibo joined Ctrip in 2003, served as executive vice president of the long ticket network in January 2011, general manager of any open platform Ctrip in 2012. In August 2013 to join the team on the road ", served as president, responsible for stock commercial practice.

Amoy on the road for the original mobile Raiders community on the road to build a holiday travel products scheduled platform, the main outbound destination travel products.


Tang Yibo left quite a surprise, in July this year, auspicious airlines announced the establishment of the Online Travel Corporation, capital 3 billion 600 million "Amoy travel", enter the online travel industry, the company’s founder Tang Yibo ranked team.

and according to the introduction, Amoy travel and Amoy on the road will have a depth of cooperation. Amoy on the road CEO Chen Wei said that with the cooperation, the future and Amoy Amoy on the road trip will accelerate the open membership system, through the establishment of a joint membership for auspicious aviation users, scouring the road users to provide more value-added services.

won the red dot ventures A round of financing Alibaba and millions of dollars in millions of dollars A+ round of investment, in April 2014 on the road, on the road has announced $20 million to get Softbank B round of investment, but at the end of this round of financing is not complete. According to reports in the way of CO President Li Xin, and finally there is no reason for the signing of Softbank, do not agree on some concepts and terms. Softbank financing fell apart after the Alibaba matchmaking, in the way of new horizon investment area of tens of millions of dollars in a new round of financing obtained by the end of 2014.

, however, with the capital suffered this winter, the online travel business began to enter the shuffle period. Earlier there was news on the road scouring C round of financing progress is not smooth. As a core member of Tang Yibo’s departure, perhaps from the side of the road on the road shows that there is a problem.

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