to replace the site title is very important, not only the ranking will decline, may have been not updated snapshot. So replace the site title reset is a very dangerous practice, not to cannot but we must not easily try.

to modify the site title and new or old station is not the same place, the new change may slow down or you are right in the feathers, for the old station it will not be too big, as long as you "fine-tuning" reasonable, may also contribute to your site’s ranking


deletion is not affected, then increase the correlation between keywords increase keyword?. The site should not have the right of drop is dangerous, as long as not too much, for example your site was the only two words, want to add a up, like the risk should be very small! If you add a lot of words, want to let search engine drop right is not recognized the reality of the.

Keywords: deletion of

贵族宝贝 please.

Keywords search engine like

fourth: increase related keywords

site title is very important for a website, either for search engines or the user experience as well as the Shanghai dragon, the title of the site will affect all of this writing. Modify the site title is actually a very common thing, you may start to set the title to a certain extent has been unable to meet certain factors, you may adjust and modify the title. Shanghai eusci dragon today is about to modify the site title and the site of several forms of the harm caused by:

may be due to a number of keywords to your website title now can not meet you click and flow, so you want to choose keywords to replace the previous site title. Such a direct replacement site title is one of the most serious consequences. Generally speaking, you may replace the keywords today, there will be reaction sites for second days, the existing keyword ranking will drop significantly, even after 100.

is not related to the keywords with the above increase the coefficient of related keywords is down right will be great! Because you add keywords to the content of the web site does not meet! This situation is not possible, because many webmaster friends love to use search engines to joke. See which is popular keywords, you want to add to your site to let yourself flow more, in fact, this practice is not in accord with the principle of optimization of Shanghai dragon

plans to keep up with changes, several core keywords may start with the change of business set later need to cut, cut such keywords to search engine can still be tolerated, nor will the existing core keywords ranking much harm.

The increase of !

first replace


third: increase the correlation between keywords

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