analysis time, found inside the website keyword and description are repeated billion light this time. And then there are several H2 tags, H2 tags inside the content is a snapshot of the title "love Shanghai, contact billion billion light on light, love Shanghai directly to the 2 H2 when the title of the search results. The judgment of a noble baby smart, he is according to the description appears inside the company name and your home company appears inside the company name to judge, and then directly with the company name to appear in his search results, rather than your original title.



noble baby

agent billion light product in a company. Most want to do up the keyword may be "billion light". The word for only 3, ranked in the home site is home to many, but the chain home sites are not good. Should be very good to do a word. In the analysis of the top ranked website, found that the number one site title which has no word billion light, but the results of the search engine has the word.

The actual title



A snapshot of the title

love Shanghai snapshot Title


in the optimization process of Shanghai dragon in Shanghai dragon r most discussed is how to write the title, keyword how to set, describes how to repeat key. Often overlooked a very important factor in the H tag. Your key and your content is related, the search engine to determine the weights is often biased in favor of the H tag, and not you write the title.

from the original orpro Electronics: 贵族宝贝 please indicate the source

title is a very important factor in the ranking, but it is not the only factor. The H tag is equally important, H tags on your website which repeat your keywords, there will be an unexpected effect. Even the search engine will be directly used as the title of the search result, achieve unexpected results.

websiteWhen I open this website

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