from the 360 search turned out time for almost a month, when you want to search 360 had just pushed and now compared with addict double day to describe a little too much. When the 360 search just came out, then second days of overwhelming news is 360 search in one fell swoop beat Google, Sogou, soso, and then with the flow of huge traffic and steep 360 browser installed capacity and powerful navigation 360 rose to 10%, litres for Chinese second major search engines such as praise by crown in 360 the search on the head, believe the reason we are optimistic about the old week, because some of his special means can often get some surprisingly different effect. 3Q had the opportunity to host, now we also think with this so-called 300 World War ii. 360 search can also host, but probably most are watching. First I don’t think that today I am not from other places to analyze the reasons, from 360 yourself, the function of his own achievements of their own, also beat myself.

believe that used 360 browser friends all know, automatically save the 360 browser has a function is to change the settings, do not need to manually click save two words, we all know that the original 360 so-called 10% search search traffic is basically from 360 navigation, 360 had a lot of friends did not pay attention to this navigation a comprehensive search, so in a short time to search 360 brings huge traffic, but gradually with the passage of time, a lot of friends have found this not your own love Shanghai search, of course 360 search themselves know, oneself is not very mature, so also left a choice for the majority of users of the she is a comprehensive search, here is a drop-down box, you can choose to love Shanghai, Google etc.. I had to tell the truth this is not too much, one day I see a colleague, see he is using 360 navigation, when it opened, the default search is love Shanghai search, I also asked him, this is how you set, he said this is not set. I suddenly think of it, the original 360 default browser save function, meaning that if you use it has been using the comprehensive search, it must have been 360 search, but if you choose other search engines like love, Shanghai Google, so the next time you open the 360 navigation then, the default for the love of Shanghai or Google and other search engines you choose. After so long, I believe we all understand, 360 search heat has been down, and then referred to the 360 search had rather less, this is very busy every day from our QQ group can obviously feel, when just beginning, old people say 360 search brought much the flow filed and now basically say how 360 now a search flow is also not.

and I also tested the accident yesterday before the love of Shanghai and some of the details of the 360 attack each other, that is from the previous 360>

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