today, with the rapid development of Internet technology, many enterprises have conducted online network marketing, from the Internet to seek more partners and target users, since it is to do network marketing, we will need to have their own network marketing platform, is the site, but only the site no one comes is not enough, the key is we will bring a lot of traffic to the site, when it comes to web site traffic that cannot do without the website ranking optimization, our common enterprise website general image type, the type of news or mall, this is the three common ways to general business station, here I come to focus on some optimization methods of these three types of websites the.

believe that we all know that search engines are not able to identify pictures on the site, so we are not allowed the emergence of a large number of pictures in the site, but for our picture station, website content is only the picture, so we give the picture station optimization done when you want to be careful in fact, for the rational use of ALT tag station is very important, for each picture we need to add ALT to describe this picture, this is to tell the search engines what a picture, so to improve the rankings included and is of great help, a second picture note that the size of the site, if a picture of the emergence of a large number of sites, impact on site loading speed is very slow, often lead to open website Slow and target customer churn.

Secondly, the ShangCheng Railway Station

for information websites are generally to win to speed and the amount of Web text are not what fancy pictures, users come to the site is only to understand some of the latest news, based on this, the timeliness of news is very important, the time to collect all kinds of industry news, the only way to reflect the characteristics of the news station, in order to better attract the user’s eye writing site title is very important, we have enough to write the title of technical content, to be able to attract users to read, but not to go too far with the theme, but also for some good articles put in the most conspicuous place followed by the website, website content, content is king, since it is the information website more should do website >

to the ShangCheng Railway Station, since users come to your site, we will be the best service to retain users, allowing them to buy our products, it is often said that our website user experience problems when users come to our website to give him a warm feeling, web page design to meet the the characteristics of our products, the second is to introduce products to conspicuous, but written and organized, help users to read, website contact to conspicuous, so that users encounter problems at any time when consultation, the last thing to emphasize is the purchase process due to the simple and fast logistics point.

First of all,

picture station

Finally, the information website

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