according to the second characteristics of the description, we can also understand that the original literature website.

literature site can also be called the novel station, this kind of website user group is a group of fiction lovers or fiction writers, this kind of website also has its own unique characteristics, we should also learn from the perspective of the characteristics, find out a set of best novel optimization station case.

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second: the original is very difficult. Almost all the content of the website of literature website is collected, because almost no stationmaster can personally write a novel as original content website, after all, not every webmaster is a writer, and don’t have the energy.

second: the acquisition also emphasizes the scientific method

above three is literature station’s main characteristic, where is the difficulty of literature station optimization so depends from the three details to tackle, here to share with you how to do these three details.


above we mentioned in the literature, the content of the website is quite huge, solve the website content included is a difficulty we optimize. A lot of Er to Shanghai dragon chain is too deified, the chain that can make all the web site can be optimized, but is not literature site, relative to the chain, do the chain will be more meaningful. The author believes that the chain in literature class to pay attention to skills, not only for each in the novels of each chapter add "on the page" and "next page", should also make the related stories with each other links, such as special as a forum to store related classes in this novel, the chain is quite rigorous, the spider crawling is very friendly, the website included problems will also be improved.

the day before yesterday, I wrote an article about the optimization of picture of the article, this article mainly elaborated the new idea of using pictures to optimize the website, also referred to the picture station optimization difficulty. And we want to literature website mentioned now, compared to the full pictures station is another kind of extreme – full text. The literature website Shanghai Longfeng, what tips

The first

so, compared with other kind of literature station website, what is the most obvious characteristic of

: the first web content is extremely large. This feature is very obvious, now network novel motionless is a word level, try to think of a literary website with thousands of the network novel, this is what a huge array of

: first make the chain chain more than

third: literature website template is too serious. The literature website is the text accounted for the largest proportion, so almost every novel station does not pay attention to the site layout design, take the most love template site, cause the novel user aesthetic fatigue equivalent.

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