1. site was K, must calm down, carefully check by K, the "disease" drug, avoid styled, caused by many reasons such as K, keyword, purchase link, the server is not stable, the website was hacked, the record belongs to the reason to stop parsing. Only to find the reasons, then we can implement the optimization scheme.


want to fall in love with the pack inside from sea rescue, we must first understand what Shanghai needs love – of course is fresh, high quality of the original article. So that at least close to the original article. Here are three points can improve the degree of the original.

is engaged in website optimization work has been for a long time, love Shanghai update algorithm, K station a lot, so many Shanghai Longfeng workers don’t know from a website, the author of the recent optimization, included rankings are very good, because the domain name registration problem has not been down, was forced to stop parsing for a month or so lead spiders can’t grab, the site can be described as "lying in the gun, tears. A month later, as the site for the record down, the website gradually returned to visit, but the station in Shanghai included a love not staying true to tears. Fortunately, after a month of hard work, the site gradually returned to normal, basically achieve the release of the article seconds, keywords ranking up gradually.

in fact, every webmaster in their business site encountered by K, of course, the cause may be different, the following is the author was a little experience in K site recovery, please paizhuan.

2. regularly write original, high quality articles – this is a good medicine to save the K website

Although the

3. continues to improve the high quality of the chain and the chain construction

site collected in August gradually recovered (source love Shanghai Statistics)

second, with peer exchange ideas, absorb competitors better, special remind one, do not copy the somebody else’s article, or just a few changes to the head and end, so the K was the station, that is the salt in the wound.

chain is the more the better.


first, know your website theme, expanding knowledge, has their own opinion, understand the analysis, analysis of their written articles, in fact a quality article

is very good After the

third, the article must be released regularly, the need to pay attention to two points, one is released, do not spike, must be published regularly. Stable prices is the best, two, release time as far as possible to the law, for example, some love morning, afternoon some love, some love tonight, I generally choose the morning night, this is no good or bad, but must let the spider grab a habit.

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