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to do the first look at the site of the station optimization layout is reasonable, whether in favor of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, some stations do look good, Flash a lot, a lot of navigation is jump with the JS script, but the station is summed up "a pillow with an embroidered case useless" flash! Web site too much, one is the influence of open the web page open speed, slow speed, also means that the user experience can not enhance the JS script to call too much is not conducive to love the Shanghai engine crawling, so the website program to do in Shanghai Longfeng optimization point, or in what to do, it is useless for


some personal webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng novice, took over a site on the blind to write articles, send the chain, the implementation rate is very high, but because of not paying attention to the website structure and the quality and the quality of the chain, resulting in some sites do a half a year, low weight, less IP, even doing do is fall in love with sea K, I believe that this is not a webmaster.


"the website keywords concise, pointed out the center website, compared with only 6 large search volume, so.

said the program, we talk about the layout of the site keywords, one for Shanghai dragon optimization site, the first site title, keywords and description tags with normative writing, here I am with you for example, like "Amy women’s fashion net" the website, we can see that the "title" to keywords high index name from the code, tend to be more conducive to the user search habits and love Shanghai engine.

I believe you have seen three bar, inside the generals who have to ask you first take cities and seize territory, analyzing the enemy’s situation, and then planning a battle plan in detail, so as to win. The so-called know ourselves baizhanbudai. That is the truth, do the same, Shanghai dragon before taking up a website, first to analyze the strength of competitors, to rival domain name age, snapshot update speed, the daily amount collected, how IP, only understand competitors, based on his face to do their own station optimization, even more than he

two, do well in the station optimization is the key of


I am a full-time full-time staff of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, Shanghai Longfeng optimization for 3 years, I want to share with you my years summed up some experience in Shanghai Longfeng personnel learning personal webmaster and loving to beginners learning! Must do Shanghai dragon service attitude is better, first of all to optimize the long-term adherence, inside and outside the station, then doing a website optimization before, to analyze what kind of data? The station structure is reasonable, the keyword density and grasp the website quality whether the degree of concentration, these factors are needed to have a qualified webmaster quality, I will explain to you the above problems.

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