third Shanghai dragon novice lonely

The first

second Shanghai dragon gap

Shanghai Longfeng trade entered our country which is estimated to be several years, but the industry is now Shanghai Longfeng great talent gap, do not say Shanghai Longfeng fewer people, but few people can really operate Shanghai dragon, is truly good people is really very little, there are many just Shanghai Longfeng primary stage, the Shanghai Dragon is not very thorough understanding. This also resulted in Shanghai Longfeng supply and demand situation. The results of these cases resulted in a recruitment of Shanghai Longfeng workers is difficult, I will interpret the company’s recruitment difficult problem:

is now a professional website optimization company is relatively small, while the network companies part-time website optimization of many such companies is the main construction site, and the optimization is not too seriously. And for those decoration companies, building materials industry, machinery industry and so on. Not to engage in professional website optimization, they recruit staff of Shanghai Longfeng standard is: a personal website, art design, optimization, promotion to do. The equivalent of a versatile talent recruitment, but the salary is not too high. For an almighty person, if there are resources to go into business for themselves, who also went to the company inside and get 2000 dollars salary? So, this caused the company recruitment, demanding, difficult, do not move to Shanghai dragon er.

in our country, especially the many promotion methods such as mail promotion, blog promotion, Forum promotion, promotion and soft, there is no unified Shanghai dragon training institutions to train specialized personnel, and the search engine is also not released on the normative structure of Shanghai dragon. Based on this piece of Shanghai dragon learning time entry is very low, most of them are on the Internet or forum on Shanghai dragon inside look at some aspects of the article, and with the industry’s popular, there are also some charges Shanghai dragon training, but it is the Shanghai dragon aspects are their own master the low-key to earn their own money, they will not or rarely give later scholars do some guidance. Even if there is time to make some advice, is something we really as everyone knows the core technology, and are not revealed. So the Shanghai dragon industry level is generally low, the real Web site on IP million or one hundred thousand little master. This result, IP most of the websites of tens or hundreds, like less traffic more do not talk to the company through the network to make money.

company recruitment requirements of high

industry veteran can also, but for the novice is a cruel reality, in the Shanghai dragon industry we often say: the real Shanghai dragon is not outside the chain. However, this does not mean that do not send outside the chain of Shanghai dragon! Often Shanghai dragon novice, just contact.

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