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hidden links, the most distinctive is the forum in the middle and false signature and text color size and there is no difference, but not underlined link bait and other characteristics, can be judged as spam links! Generally called linkbait, is to induce or is about to guide the user to click behavior, produce the transaction from the intermediate link hidden behavior! Has the characteristics of the most essential link to get rid of.

online duplicate content too much of the article is also very likely to determine the rubbish, such as the contents of the product information publishing platform and click on some business information platform release, product description and so on, online duplicate content too much, so many times the content of the show, often with the picture display form, to introduce their products to avoid their content being judged as spam! Recognize this website, may also use a reproducible form to avoid other people to copy their website product information and very strict audit operations to manage product content of their own website

search engine will be deleted!

forum visited people should know, can only show many forum one thousand pages of results, and in the front page one hundred real intermediate people to read the contents of how many? There are so many did not show one thousand pages after the content can basically determine the rubbish content in the one thousand page! For a long time no intermediate people to click on or not to read the page also basically can be seen as spam links! In the middle, and can be identified as spam is the path too deep, also is to write the bread crumbs path can be wrote seven or eight levels ", or" the width is too large it is too much, but the navigation site is small site ", for example, I remember in the middle of a hotel in Chengdu site, a navigation have no place, directly hidden To the advertising on the site to the middle, middle can be judged as spam links

used a collector who should know, use web content acquisition out of the content there is often a lot of mixed code, text sentence is not smooth, have a lot of garbled and so on the contents of the article, which is belong to the typical nature of spam! These contents, search engines crawl and can collect some effective words. Or will be judged as no text page! You are released more content such as the chain, shortly after the

new year, processing and judgment for spam search engine will be more accurate and the treatment will be very serious! Spam refers to "None", click on the link between excessive stop words, the theme of the site and not related to the text and so on can be seen as spam links the most common link is garbage! Forum update has been very long article, those 1000 pages later; active character signature intermediate post content is not high; the middle of the business enterprise site news content


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