China’s entrepreneurial environment has become better in the obvious, or even a bubble. Numerous entrepreneurs chase carries the dream of a few well-known investors and investment institutions "money" has been in the past decade. Entrepreneurs have more opportunities and choices, investors in addition to funding, but also fight service, fight industry understanding and layout. So, what is the investment in the end what is


a lot of people talk about investment compared to love, the metaphor is right, since it is love, we must not come up on the other side would like to tear down. Many investors have lost a lot of money, a lot of projects before the good boondoggle; and entrepreneurs have long fought inside the industry, think you have are able to withstand heavy battering the truth. So what is investment investors in the eyes of thorns Road, broad road or the eyes of entrepreneurs, both from the outset in a completely different under the premise. Investors try to blood edge business plan in infancy, or entrepreneurs trying to rob to investors under every minute. This is where is the love rhythm, don’t be so impatient and even cruel, suggested that the two sides put aside the hearts of the heart, can take a little time to warm up. Talk about a normal love, the effect will be much better.

is fierce or politely refused to

in a lot of entrepreneurs, some investment institutions are often in the fierce and strong intelligence and logic are forced to suppress. According to common sense, investors should not be stimulated to entrepreneurs ah, this will lose the opportunity to invest in the future. But the circle does have several famous players, the first entrepreneurs did not worth a hair and then, a benign countenance apology, directly signed the share purchase agreement, which is either the character due to either a strategy, the entrepreneurs do not care too much. But for most people, they are often familiar stranger, there is no need for a project to offend people, so investors often use very tactful and even some ambiguous way to reject entrepreneurs, such as "you are the stage for us too early, we look forward to the next round and your cooperation, in fact he tells you that he doesn’t think your project in the next 18 months can fire up; for example," we are taking the program "a lot of the time it actually refers to your business plan he has not found or has been forwarded to yesterday just starting the internship, he did not know which day is worth the time see. Of course, there is still a month to reply, this often means that you did not understand, feel shy to tell not ready or have been mercilessly shot investment committee.

so, once met with entrepreneurs who are willing to communicate equally and willing to tell you why not willing to investors with ordinary people’s posture and plain language, please cherish the entrepreneurs to cherish it, because they are honest and reliable, not a drag on your time and energy. Both investors and entrepreneurs, all modesty is a virtue, polite and appropriate response, such as WeChat SMS or e-mail, but these basic human qualities in this busy money market seems nobody cares.

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