< div class= "container" > container height not more than one screen               < div class= "left" > < /div>               < div cass= "right" > < /div> / * two div height of not more than one screen, because the page loading is the first to display left content to display right content, if the left is too long right, too, on the first blank, it’s not good for the user experience in terms of *               < /div>In 3.

if you need to debug or suspend the operation of the server, to take into account the snapshot update problem. A programmer at 23~0 PM in the debug server, the site to suspend access, the results of the second day snapshot. I love Shanghai’s statistics, snapshot update and not 0 updates, and will update between 5~7 in the morning, if conditions permit, the best debugging server 3~4 in the morning.


I spent 50 days, the second-hand car network keywords from 575, up to 97 of the experience. Because the website set up time is 6 months, in the optimization do not inversion, and the main flow in the ranking of keywords are not ideal. A Shanghai dragon ER, should first learn how to find the problem, we can solve the problem, so as to achieve the desired results.

2. in the DIV page structure transformation, as follows:

CSS also

First, to stabilize the

4. in title and description modified

site architecture

display website, is to start from the top down, when I visit the web site, first look at the first screen content, so the website at load time, as far as possible the JS ad code into the page tail;

1. page optimization structure

information station, a few pages are viewed by users the most, then I put the user access to most of the pages extracted (statistical code provided), and then browse several pages up to CSS of the independent, it can speed up the page loading speed, enhance the user experience, can reduce the generation of server wide pressure.


transformationBecause the



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