start-up coffee shop, incubator – sounds absolutely the most fashionable and hottest new term at the moment. With the help of the Internet business, overnight, the next MA micro-blog / Ma Huateng micro-blog and other unwarranted aura, cafes and business incubators almost become the market crowded "". Coupled with the continuous guidance of the policy, as well as a number of preferential measures, and even direct support of funds, these two become the first choice in the field of entrepreneurship.

‘s bankruptcy trend is aggravating, and start-up coffee shops and incubators are becoming victims of

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Amazon is the third largest electricity supplier in India market, earlier analysts pointed out that it has become India’s first electronic business platform potential. Before, Bezos also missed the Chinese market because of the heart, so when optimistic about India will be the next growth point, Bezos’s attitude is not to worry about the cost, as long as the success of the line. In order to improve the local market share, Bezos has announced that it will invest $5 billion to the India market.

The surge in the number of

has created such a trend is the increasing number of entrepreneurial bases like startups, cafes and incubators. In January this year, the Ministry of science and Technology Center Deputy Director Yang Yuecheng in an interview said that as of 2015 the number of national science and technology business incubator of nearly 3000, an area of over 80 million square meters, in addition to the public record space more than 2300. The Research Institute of investment "in 2015 the public record ten words" space, "the first half of 2015, China is the size of the public record space is less than 20, with sweeping national and local policy support and a series of" hit "boom, now has more than 1.6 million public record space flowering in all parts of the country" "."

Bloomberg quoted insiders as saying that had revised its purchase agreement with its former competitor, trading at $950 million. The new agreement may advance the merger and conclude the transaction within three weeks.

Snapdeal hasn’t melted into the money for more than a year, and its losses have increased. As Snapde>

refused to earlier about $850 million acquisition offer, the board of directors of Snapdeal late yesterday held a conference call to discuss the new Flipkart acquisition program, informed sources told Bloomberg that the final pricing will be $900 million to $950 million, depending on the Snapdeal balance sheet cash and debt in the current situation.

India electric eldest and hold together, but in reality is against the common enemy.


The most direct reason why

said that if the industry leader Flipkart and blood continued to enter it, then the second may really didn’t get much benefit. Snapdeal on the vicious circle of money burning subsidies, but also bear huge advertising spending, and finally with other small players together, the market share handed over to amazon.

in response to fierce competition in the market, India local electricity supplier has its different response.

Abstract the pioneering coffee shop and the incubator have the heart of profit, but have no corresponding strength.

make profit first, can’t play the startup game


has made competitive coffee shops, incubators and so on under enormous pressure of competition. In everyone is still in the exploratory stage, there are no features, brands and other support at this stage, the pure replication type of entrepreneurial base appears to be no competition at all. For ambitious start-ups that want a slice of the Internet boom, they are natural victims".

, such as India electricity supplier boss, Flipkart has been financing. In recent months, Flipkart has received $1 billion, $1 billion 400 million in financing, involving shareholders including tiger Global Fund, Naspers, Accel, Tencent, Microsoft, and eBay. It is worth noting that the two financing valuation of Flipkart were $10 billion and $11 billion 600 million, compared with $15 billion 500 million in 2015 valuation low.

let the local competitors is anxious and fearful behind in third, while Amazon, can "and the mobile terminal traffic is the highest. In addition, the day before the Wall Street Journal reported that the New Delhi government has approved the Amazon to carry out network grocery business in India, Amazon over the next 5 years will invest about $500 million to establish a national grocery inventory and delivery network. Previously, under the policy of India, Amazon can only act as an online sales platform, with policy liberalization, Amazon can display more space.


side is "public innovation, people entrepreneurship" call brings unprecedented entrepreneurial tide, as well as a number of policy dividends, while one side of the venture cafe, incubator continued to shut down news. Seemingly contradictory two extreme situation, but is becoming a true portrayal of the current Internet start-ups cold wave. As the entrepreneurial hub of the Internet field, still seems to be among the giants of the game, entrepreneurship has become a joke".

, but these two entrepreneurial bases, but now become "victims", facing the risk of bankruptcy. According to the source, the pioneering and pioneering Cafe recently closed down due to difficulties in operating and other issues such as wages. Before and after the Spring Festival, located in Shenzhen, Nanshan District incubator, "land library" came news of the transfer. Shanghai 863 software incubator two shareholders withdraw and transfer listed shares…… In the spring of Everything looks fresh and gay. cafe business incubator, and they are faced with more cold winter.

Amazon must be careful, the India electricity supplier boss Flipkart and second Snapdeal merger may be finalized in nearly three weeks.

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