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A5 so that the diagnosis of stationmaster net Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng promotion should be meticulous and detailed division of labor, that is to do a super strong, focused on the one hand, the other hand to enhance the strategic. We must pay attention to the choice of keywords, keywords can choose a good promotion after you play a little effect, so in the choice of keywords is to comply with the general rules of the selection for keywords. Reprint >


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related content means our keywords to be consistent and we promote the content in the mind, we want to promote things can’t be an article at random, then add link even if the promotion, which is always of. For example you want to promote the civil service exam training you can not think of " NBA" game, or entertainment to close the publicity, because even if others in the next NBA game screen saw also won’t come and take the exam to enroll in the training of civil servants. This is a common promotion, and not all promotion is a constant, because some sites are required flow, this website is less restricted.

keyword is concentrated to speak their own web site called a popular words can be thought of in the first thoughts, and then to search, so that they can play a key role. But the reality is not so simple, most people’s thinking is the same, so these keywords competition is relatively large, so we have to dig through careful, expansion, inquiry and statistical analysis, will find the competition is relatively small and large quantity of search keywords.

in Shanghai Longfeng promotion, the choice of keywords to promote their products, is a simple and efficient way. Because only the keywords we choose is to meet the requirements of our promotion, so the website can lead us to a correct road. Network promotion and practical social promotion is not very different, mainly reflected in both need credit, that is to say our Shanghai dragon website promotion also can’t type in a web site often change keywords, the keywords it is said to identify some of the important promotion projects content planning, site structure and external links etc.. The A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team to introduce general guidelines on selection of keywords:

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different keywords have different uses and different commercial value, such as your search: "working principle of compressor, then you to the vast majority of cases not want to buy compressor, they may just want to understand: knowledge of the centrifugal compressor and has. That is to say the words of the commercial value of relatively low, if the search "compressor prices, manufacturers and other words, then the business value will be relatively high, because this is the voice of the customer.

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