finally, Xiao Bian learned a universal information why Shanghai Longfeng Aviv issued from micro-blog, the snapshot, love Shanghai internal database causes, webmaster without panic, can be recovered within 3 days.

looked at the results of the web page, PHP page, VPS page space cloud products are included, but the snapshot time is 1995-01-01, snapshot. Look at this result, I want to cry but no tears, like Baidu every year will shock several times, and each time will be accompanied by a key part of the site is down right down. The symptoms of what we should do right to deal with such small? According to the universal personal experience, we can handle from the following aspects:

1, a deep breath, don’t be nervous. The mentality is very important, this kind of situation, Baidu number occur every year, such as 2009, 2010 will be happened. So, this is the love of Shanghai’s own problems, don’t be nervous, usually treat.

2, keep update, persevere. Love Shanghai snapshot, small to combine their resources to the 10 site optimization group, do a survey. The statistical results showed that appear snapshot site type general low weight website, the new site was established or is the recent revision of the website. For example, all small independent IP space official website, just do a revision, also love Shanghai snapshot list. Then we deal with this situation, I think that we should adhere to update multiple high quality original articles, while maintaining the daily maintenance work (usually on the website you do, you should do that, according to the plan management) your website, don’t a result to the gas halo head.

today is a good day, because on Thursday, the website toss a month, just last week the spider release time between this Thursday should be put out, feeling a bit nervous. To open the computer site website to see if it is included.

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