usually do not write much code, these words also I was not all right, what is more, the hope can give some guidance to encourage novice brothers. Because today a friend add my , I chat for a long time with him, I saw his shadow from his body, he and I was just like, this is many novice encountered, many novice are dead in the night before dawn, they insisted on not down, they do Wangzhuan pressure is very small or no pressure to do even, are free. It’s a normal thing not to make money. It’s important to do Wangzhuan this line of confidence and spirit really, the technology here is only a minor, I think if a person earns.

do Wangzhuan can indeed temper one’s mind, let people really feel the hardships and happiness into one thing, for which I have a deep feeling.

The risk of


in fact, this money is nothing in the eyes of those experts, they may be able to arrive in a day, but these are the most precious to those who are insisting on the novice. Because this is definitely the best paid to Wangzhuan novice, everyone felt during the rookie confusion, the situation is nothing more than the day visiting the forum to learn, seems very busy, but the day did not get really useful things well, repeated every day to do a few things, but a few months no income this time is the most flighty and impetuous. Most of the time people will think how to make money online, you may really be doing this, and also from the higher part company each going his own way.

on the market more than a rival means there is a pile of relatively good people in the establishment of this product, this product promotion, finally let everyone of their products to discuss the formation of the products to you, they did not think of the market or the user, it can make you aware of the market and potential customers, competitors to solve you are trying to solve the problem, in fact, your competitors will become a part of your marketing results, but also free of charge.


is obviously, help competitors start business, give them the opportunity to destroy potential you will deter, many start-up companies can not help but any a good company needs to competitors, such as CEO Roberto Goizueta, the former Coca Cola Co love to say that "if not the first is Pepsi, Coca-Cola first invented Cola the". It is proved that the existence of competitors to your strength, they indicate that the market you are great, worth fighting for, this is why VC always love to ask you a competitor who causes them to screen worth the investment company in this way, if you do not have a competitor, a wise man will you do the field now questioned whether there is enough potential, you should carefully consider.

The original

Via PD

Taobao off it for six months, is a latecomer, we are not afraid of a joke, I was working, a monthly salary of 2000, estimated the Wangzhuan master one day make it back. Most of the estimates in this way Wangzhuan Wangzhuan rookie are planted a lot of fall, had cheated, toil, these are normal, this to some extent is to be experienced. What I’m doing now is Taobao, and I feel this is more formal and stable. A hard way to go to today, a monthly income of over million is not a problem, the income may make a lot of new envy, but behind this sad only oneself know.

in addition, I suggest the novice to make a schedule for second days to do, make the time to execute, right, this can be called time management. Time management doesn’t do more in a certain amount of time, but it is the most important and the most important thing. I believe that if you can work out the plan and execute it, it will certainly benefit you a lot.

many startups underestimate the extent of their business, and so do your competitors. They all go through this stage to understand users, potential partners, and marketing channels. As the nine women had in a month to make a baby, set up a business requires a lot of factors, don’t rush, you how much risk capital into it regardless of hit, the result is the same, you have experienced in the creation of the company in the process of the difficulties is the most important, it may become protection your umbrella.

Do Wangzhuan is

but Xiaobian want to say is that there is some truth in the author did say, competitors may inspire you to open innovation, emerging markets, the development of different users, partners, in a sense is really to help you, but if startups encounter large companies, copycat harm is enormous. There is no room for counter. The author’s view is obviously too one-sided.

summary head plus insist, there are many novice insist for a long time, and finally he was blocked by a piece of paper, because they have no confidence and strength, even with his fingers in front of a puncture. So most of the things that still follow the 28 laws, twenty percent people can earn money, only eighty percent of people lost. God is still fair, a bit of cultivation, a harvest.

, a start-up company, with a good idea not to be others copycat, especially in China, if large companies in the Tencent so that copycat, good day to you over not coming to an end, if the copycat or ask for help, what should I do? I have think, resolutely resist, trying to avoid the author MANNY MEDINA from another angle to this problem.

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