search is the core of wireless music applications, it is necessary to do a search system.

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finally, you can sh419, download a PHP version of the Taobao API program, will just do the promotion page integration together, that a site basically completed. Why do you have such a program? Taobao has a big database

recently got a website that is designed to do Taobao channel promotion of the website, this website is inspired by a similar website, the station he is doing very well, the keyword "taobao" can be ranked into the top 20, the website design is very simple, is to use nested Taobao iframe commodity promotion channel. So I also want to try, but I did not use iframe, because I think the site with more iframe, search engines included unfavorable. Here’s how to do such a web site.

 :     search is not only an important application of the Internet, but also the core application of online music. It is also the core application of wireless music. I have had the experience of love, wireless music platform, through a few simple steps to complete mobile phone download, do not go looking for trouble. So it is necessary to do a convenient wireless music search system.

I do Taobao off it for a long time, just started to do is complete, wide, involving all the goods the entire Taobao category, so now the ancient "Amoy rebate network" in the development of ideas to the. Now summed up what the target is wrong, the most fundamental flaw is the site without a unity of purpose, also have a core keywords, so the site of Taobao passenger goods ranking is not good, the overall ranking of website is very poor. Do Taobao customers should do, want to do, just do Taobao products on the one hand, such as Taobao, women’s clothing, Taobao slimming drugs and so on these two are very competitive, no SEO experience, as far as possible not involved.

with Ali mother to increase Taobao off publicity, more and more people join the ranks of Taobao customers, how can not do Taobao off one of their own website, posted on the forum, like this poster is managed more and more strict, so do Taobao customers must have their own the site, but also on Sina blog a blog. No website experience, and will not programming, how to change it? I’ll tell you about how to build a good Taobao guest website,

next, we need to deal with it briefly. It can’t be done on the line. You need to add some elements of your website, such as website icons, website navigation, etc.. These can be done by table or DIV+CSS. After you’ve finished, put them just below the page. Well, a website promotion page OK, if you can understand the code, you can also copy the source code cut, remove those unnecessary content.


music began to rise from the beginning of primitive tribal ritual, to the theater, to the development of radio, television and music, MV and concert, spread more and more to the popularization of development. Users pay attention to music related content only from music, to star fans. LP from the top

      what will the future of wireless music look like? Let’s take a look at the development of traditional music, find out the law and see the future of wireless music.

looking at the future pattern of wireless music from the development of digital music

users either download or download the WAP customized ringing tone, step less to three or four or more, the user experience is poor, music is a kind of experience economy, or impulsive consumption, poor user experience weakened consumer enthusiasm, hindered the development of the wireless music market.

has the massive song copyright storehouse time, lets the user find the song which wants to download most quickly and conveniently, becomes the first question! This time, search has become a core application, which is why sh419 has become the boss of the digital music industry, but not the cause of any record company.

wireless music is an industry dominated by operators, but as the bottleneck of IPTV, the user experience is the main reason for restricting the development of wireless music.

and then save it as a HTML file format, open with IE to see if it’s a simple page, and the content is exactly the same as the previous channel promotion page.


first, log on Ali’s mother’s website and get a promotion channel promotion site, open in IE, and check its web source code at any point in the web site, right-click the mouse, select the view source file.

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