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if shlf1314 micro-blog search "China’s Silicon Valley", the largest report is found in Shenzhen. In fact, Shenzhen is becoming the globally recognized "hardware" of Silicon Valley". Especially in the eyes of foreigners, Shenzhen has transformed from a small fishing village before the reform and opening up to now by, almost created a miracle Chinese.

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I have a simple search Chinese version, did not find. Of course, someone might have translated, but I didn’t find it. However, this article is so important that anyone interested in the ranking of search engines has to read it. So – let me translate the main points here for your reference.

The following is the Translation:

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Bloomberg reported in a February report. There has been active more than 1000 incubators, the entire ecosystem of the supply chain is perfect, with excellent manufacturing conditions."

is the programmable robot hardware startups. Last week, a workshop has been confirmed to the first financial reporter to complete the B round of financing, more details are expected to be announced around Tuesday. According to understand the financing situation to the first financial reporter revealed that, after the B round of financing, creating a factory valuation is expected to reach $200 million. In 2014, the studio won $6 million A round of financing from sequoia.

Shenzhen is not only the hometown of 11 million entrepreneurs, but also the birthplace of China’s most famous technology companies, such as HUAWEI, ZTE, Tencent and xinjiang. HAX, managing director of Duncan Turner, told the first financial correspondent: "Shenzhen is the capital of hardware. You can find all the suppliers here and dock with manufacturers and engineers."." He also said that many years ago when he first came to Shenzhen, most engineers were employees of European technology companies, but in recent years, more and more young engineers began to active in start-ups.

"The small fishing village of the past has now become the strongest voice in China’s response to Silicon Valley,"

"if your company is hardware, you have to go to Shenzhen."." This is the "China’s first customers," Li Dawei has been firmly convinced of the view. This view has also been recognized by customers all over the world. Silicon Valley famous incubator HAX China founder and CEO Benjamin Joffe to the first financial reporter said: "Shenzhen is China’s hardware of Silicon Valley, this is not controversial."." Since its entry into China in 2012, HAX has spawned a large number of successful hardware start-ups in Shenzhen.

creation workshop is an engineering building block platform including metal blocks, electronic modules, software tools and so on. In Shenzhen, there are plenty of hardware start-ups like scratch shop. Previously, Shenzhen’s open source hardware platform, silicon technology SeeedStudio has also received tens of millions of dollars in financing. What’s more, more than half of these Hard Suits Inc’s revenues come from overseas markets. In order to better serve the needs of overseas markets, the factory has set up overseas offices in the United States, Japan and europe. This makes the Shenzhen enterprise a veritable "global hardware" of Silicon Valley".

The latest case of

in the era of public entrepreneurship, multi innovation, to do hardware, you have to go to Shenzhen can not. In Bloomberg one

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