note: June 18, 2015, Jingdong 12 birthday. A year ago, founder Liu Qiangdong took Jingdong from the Zhongguancun counter on Nasdaq, becoming a close to $50 billion market capitalization of listed companies. But how many people know the former "outlaws of the marshes" childhood story? It is in the Jingdong celebrate the occasion, in addition to Liu Qiangdong’s childhood, we go off poor, there is some legendary, but the power of entrepreneurship is not inspirational "change the world" is only a stalwart, thought the rich days. This article is an excerpt from a Book: "the creation of Jingdong Liu Qiangdong at the road of entrepreneurship", author Li Zhigang.

story begins, you bring a small bench kazakhstan.

Liu Qiangdong told the young people that passion, reiterated the young do not work hard, not for the old age is not leaving memories, every day have a good state, set up short-term and medium-term objectives, continue to impact higher goals. Jingdong has two times a year to raise wages, if there are results, you can get a raise. However, the material incentives are always limited, Jingdong these people can maintain passion for many years, there must be a spirit of reason. Completed the intended target, can not only get the bonus promised, but also a spiritual satisfaction: Victorious pride, led the team greater glory, dialogue, and a higher level of social status increased the dignity of people.

a few years ago, I met Liu Qiangdong, "domineering" to describe him, he said: "I don’t want to be like this, the actual performance is not so, it may be a little. We in the interior of the adjective "domineering", is not "impact", we emphasize the impact of the team, we compete with anyone who has a strong impact, can beat any opponent." This, as he posted on the company’s slogan slogan, fight, fight, as he set the goal of China’s first, the world’s top five electricity supplier companies".


in the wilderness, but Liu Qiangdong made no secret of his ambition, despite the fact that the employees of the company are still working in the office of the cockroach crawling. He had a desire to go to the world, and when he was a child, he had shown an unwillingness to be ordinary, as he had warned Sun Jiaming, not to let the old age leave no memory.

Liu Qiangdong: grandma grew up left behind children

Jiangsu is located in Suqian Chinese north-south junction, Beijing Hangzhou the Grande Canale runs through the city, here is the concubine Xiang Yu’s hometown, Xiang Yu tripod lifting city sculpture. Liu Qiangdong was born here, growing up in the northern poplars and the southern rice. In his hometown of dragon town in the countryside, surrounded by farmland, muddy road, he graduated from high school has been living in grandmother home from primary school, three room brick bungalows, white walls mottled, peeling plaster, hanging white wooden bed nets, this is a typical family farmers in northern jiangsu. Liu Qiang’s boss is less than a kilometer away from his grandmother’s home, is the end of 1990s to repair a two – story, with a courtyard of the brick floor, the walls are plastered with white tiles – three

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