marketing personnel can capture all kinds of active project data, and then unified analysis, management, and smart business, and you only need a Anametrix to help you responsible for processing the data, and get the visualization service.

for example, a company without this service is a fortune 100 company, when the need to analyze the data of each channel, it needs a related institution or the manufacturer, usually it will take about 8 weeks. With Anametrix, it can easily obtain various data sources of data, analysis of the impact of the various channels, and help you to make a quick decision, the final results of the real time can help you save millions of dollars on the market cost.

now get new financing, Anametrix will increase marketing efforts, so that more users to buy products, in addition, products will continue to innovate, strive to become the next generation of marketing personnel analysis tools.

Anametrix that the data obtained will be general, rather than simply add a data source, such as shlf1314 Analytics, Omniture, Radian6, HootSuite, ExactTarget, third-party, sources and so on, after more widely generated data, the result will be more fair and more effective.

, in March 23rd, Cai Wensheng in DoNews’s 5G comments, and we discussed some of the personal website development. Jiang Mingliang first asked a lot of personal owners are concerned about the problem, "Adsense most expect to get help is what?"" Cai Wensheng began his own views on the personal website: I understand that each stage is not the same. One of the most primitive instinct is that the webmaster needs to make money, this is a must. But he wants to make money, you must have some traffic, so you can give him the flow at the beginning, he will be very happy. But these are too blunt. Now something has changed, before the webmaster do site types are literature, music, download, do do do FLASH, do community, these have a common characteristic is the mainstream website big thing to do. So this kind of personal website will be a great success. A lot of things, big web sites do too expensive, for example, download the website, the Chinese army a year if you can earn 5 million, but if he uses Sina’s bandwidth may lose money. Because the bandwidth of sina and Sohu’s long rental newspaper building is very expensive, the success of the army lies in the fact that he was able to find many free bandwidth and resources. So now, personal Adsense can make money what is the main? Is it an advertisement? Speaking of this, from personal Adsense development history, in 1998 1999, the first batch of individual Adsense can make money is to do foreign click advertising. Including Li Xingping and Tong, they are the leaders of that group. In 1999 and 2000, they earned thousands of dollars a month at their highest levels. It was a great deal, but by the end of 2000, the money had been cut off. Because foreigners do not recognize China’s IP, think China’s IP cheating, all people can no longer earn the money. So, in 2000 and 2001, it was a dark age for the development of personal websites. What was the situation at that time? Li Xingping is not willing to rent a server like this. So the server was available to him at the time. Refer to the individual stationmaster very large resources in promoting Cai Wensheng to a personal website development story explains to us. The space of individual website is provided by NetEase earliest, it is free space, most individual stationmaster is done above NetEase. Later, the NetEase in 2000 in order to save money, all cancelled, not provided. The network provides a 200 year plan can provide shared hosting. All thought is a good thing, but later found fooled, because personal website traffic is too big, it will eat all of the bandwidth. So then this batch of customers do not all. All don’t, then the Internet is 35, China channel that got a cheap, it is in order to beat the nets, a group of users all over you. But the Chinese channel soon discovered that it was a hot potato, because the traffic on the personal website was too large, so the Chinese channel quickly did not.

is the company’s goal is to make the market marketing personnel from all related shlf1314 data analyst, social media, email program, market research, advertising online and offline market quickly and accurately to make decisions, to achieve a better effect of the customers.






This tool is the most happy

‘s recent real-time data analysis is very hot, because it is becoming increasingly clear that the data generated gold. Anametrix real time data platform has just received $4 million 400 thousand A round of financing, the company intends to use these financing to increase more resources, in order to meet the increasing number of users of the market analysis needs.

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