do Wangzhuan first do not anxious not impatient, this is a very important point. Impatience is not big, especially for the Wangzhuan industry. We need to maintain a stable state of mind, this project is full of temptation, timeliness and deceptive. If you grasp properly, it is easy to miss the best time of the project, resulting in the final project failed you if you still without any success; unstable state of mind, it is easy to be malicious deception in the project, cheat money, money will not make even call back.

the author of this article is South seven.

Wangzhuan is most likely to succeed to. People generally adhere to 3 months before slowly effective, will slowly begin to earn money after 6 months. Of course, this is for most people. Ma Yun said, "today is cruel, tomorrow is more cruel, the day after tomorrow is wonderful.". Yes, a lot of people died on the way to the day after tomorrow. What’s today’s concept? 3 months? What’s tomorrow, 6 months? What’s the day after tomorrow? Maybe 1 years. I’ve seen a lot of friends, very hard, every day, and finally the collection is a lot of dollars. And I’ve seen more friends, complaining every day that I can’t make money.

the passage of time, Li Xiang home, founded the Wei to car; Zhou Hongyi became a well-known angel investors and cannon; Wang sold Xiaonei serial entrepreneur, around the break, had grown new; Li Xueling YY from a voice tool, with the largest female beauty show, and go to the capital of the United States Wang Wei withdrew from the market; potatoes, started his own animation project, only a North continues to adhere to and maintain his dream bean.


this from the beginning of the line, only for users to discuss film reading minority communities, as of the end of 2016, watercress registered users 150 million, 300 million monthly active users. Users are mostly white-collar workers and college students in the first and second tier cities, which has almost become an integral part of them. At the same time the school with watercress and other young people or community or depressed, after being acquired on the shelf.

must have the death of spirit. For example, a new money making site, you have to do your best to do this project, the money is considered successful, otherwise you will fail in the beginning. If you do not have the money to you, the road will Wangzhuan nothing! This is a lot of friends to my experience. For example, to make money, if you do not have the determination to make money, you’ll only waste no sense of time, make money surfing, you have the determination, tell you 3 months to collect items and you will certainly die tomorrow in the way, do you have no advertising, belief, still do what big results. It is relatively easy to successful Wangzhuan snatched from the jaws of death, of course, not all people.

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It plays a decisive role in the mentality of the Do Wangzhuan

currently Wangzhuan is very diverse, engaged in various types of Wangzhuan people very much, Wangzhuan the industry has gradually been accepted by the majority and understanding. When do Wangzhuan, network part-time network found many friends can maintain a good state of mind, so that a lot of time, a lot of friends not earn what money, the time wasted in Wangzhuan mire. So how do you keep a good attitude,

a lot of people suddenly discovered, that accompany the movie, reading, social life of the watercress has been 12 years old, in Chinese culture, the zodiac in the year, twelve years as one round, also known as a discipline. Especially in the folk northern region, 12 year old birthday is a special age to "unlock" milepost, held a similar rite ceremony, because it means that children escape from childhood, toward the direction of the development of adult education.

compared to the growth cycle of people, for an Internet start-up company, shorter cycle, faster pace. >

moments of dramatic cohesion and fate often occur on a certain day, an hour, or even a minute.

time back to 2005, this is a big year in China’s internet. In the year, Li Xiang and Fan Zheng, who knew little about the car, pulled several Korean graduates, such as Han Lu, into the car home. Zhou Hongyi, dressed in T-shirts and shorts, announced his official resignation as president of YAHOO China at a media conference in Kerry Center in Beijing, where he founded 360. This list can also continue to follow: nine wins and one defeat Wang started a campus network, the media Li Xueling did YY, Wang Wei the turtle began to fiddle tudou, Alvaro Yang Bo in a Starbucks watercress alley, wrote the first line of code, this year, the watercress line.

Stephen · Zweig in "human stars" wrote: "these dramatic together and fateful moment, often occurs in one day, one hour or one minute." In 2005, for the Chinese Internet, it was a moment like this.

a lot of people say that watercress is a slow company, even the media said they deliberately maintained a slow, for example, to insist on the use of five. The song is beautiful; bean will not give users label, not many members of the usual community marketing driven classification and so on, all this makes it seem to be the Internet business of land.

Wangzhuan Wangzhuan development, this is so for many years engaged in Wangzhuan industry feel the most. I hope you can have a good attitude, determination, and the ability to adhere, in Wangzhuan world earned a pours.

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