the smaller your page is, the better KB – especially the front page. Optimize those images so that the page loads faster. Most people and businesses in the West have very fast Internet speeds, but in other countries or mobile phones, they may not be. If your site is loaded slowly, it might be before it is accessed

uses a keyword tool to do an extensive survey to see which keywords are good for your site. What key words does your direct competitor use? Are there any key words that have market potential? Haven’t you found it? Maybe you can develop another brand new situation,

Yiqifa alliance platform ?

adhere to " keep simple " guideline. Call an external ASP file, remove the JavaScript code on the page, use an external file to call them, do not use the framework, use Flash to use pictures, do not make the entire station Flash. Not to make the site garish, let visitors feel. Keep it neat and simple. Let visitors easily find what they need without having to look around.

Before doing anything,

6. page size

5. enterprise site design

if you want your business name to be branded, choose a domain name that accurately reflects it. If your company is called China industrial computer network, then register, if unfortunately, have been registered. Do not use the horizontal bar, try not to more than two combinations of two words, such as my website www.chnipc will use two words, namely CHN China abbreviation and IPC IPC.

4. creates content

dear Webmaster:                                                    

No5 Fashion Square the 7th anniversary anniversary of Thanksgiving each big brand price turns every day, "pick up" cheap. Reminder:

1, activity time: November 2007 10-2007 November 25th;
2, in No5 on the basis of price discount, the discount price is automatically add items to the shopping cart;
3, each brand price range, and random replacement, please note.
4, take part in the brand: Biotherm, Shiseido, Ai Wenli, Clinique, Sisley, etc..

        7766  Shanghai: 021-5109     
        Guangdong Province: 020-6113   3022     
        Hangzhou City: 0571-81636649

3. to avoid sandbox testing

2. keyword research

produces 30 pages of real original content for your site. This will make spiders desirable, and this will give you the opportunity to learn more keywords from search engine results.

more information as in the League: top.admin5/u
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback

buy your domain name as soon as possible after you have identified the keywords and the enterprise name. As soon as possible to set up the site up, put a simple page, tell others who you are, what to do, and the details of the site will come out immediately. Make sure it is grabbed by shlf1314 and Yahoo. you can submit or connect from another site to the station

dedicated to you entrepreneurs webmaster and enterprise website managers. Some of the old techniques still apply for example, writing new content every day, and you may have learned that it is not easy to bring traffic, and that hard work and choice are physical. So, if you’re ready, roll up your sleeves and do as you do, and within a year you’ll get enough traffic to keep you busy.

1. domain name

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