according to public reports, in 1999, Sun Zhengyi presided over a secret project evaluation conference, Wang Zhidong, Zhang Zhaoyang, Ding Lei and other domestic Internet elite all to the scene. Just to explain Ma Yun’s business half, Sun Zhengyi from the chair and stood up and said very seriously: "I decided to invest in you, how much money do you want?" Ma Yun was frightened, but Sun Zhengyi did not think of is, Ma Yun said he is not short of money, Sun Zhengyi asked: "then you come to me what?" Ma Yun replied: "I did not find you, people asked me to come see you."

what are the dimensions of a product that you should focus on first?

can say that Sun Zhengyi is Ali’s early important investors, but also to Ali, and later the entire layout of the key investment people.

in mobile power millet, millet and millet chaxianban purifier of these three products, this is in accordance with the logic to find our way.

we do any industry, any industry, we must see the essence of this industry. Only when you understand the nature of the business can you grasp the rhythm. Only when you define the product clearly, you will find that your way of thinking and strategy will become completely different.

the first signal is >

is the source of the above, so that Sun Zhengyi matchmaking Alibaba, take over YAHOO, China, YAHOO, the United States Holdings Alibaba laid a foreshadowing.

, South African, JP, Tencent,


the question of how to identify the nature of a product in any field is very important.

Japanese, Sun Zhengyi in Ma

in early 2013, a brother in Shenzhen came to me and said he had cheap mobile power and asked if I could sell it. I say mobile power is very dangerous. He said the electric core is Apple’s poop, very safe. I know this, the essence of mobile power business is business.

, Sohu, NetEase and other companies has become the scale, access to capital through listing, the Tencent is one of only 18 small companies, registered users has reached 200 million, but the lack of available charging channels. The surge in users, the cost of hosting the servers, Ma Huateng unbearable, the company’s financial tension, charges or stop service rumors rife. Ma Huateng tried to sell for $600 thousand, but none of them

probably in 2011, 2012, millet just finished millet 1 mobile phones, when the millet 2 mobile phones, we wanted to do mobile power, the group set up a team to do it. Finally, the product costs about more than 100 yuan, and we sell more than 200 pieces.

. When we do the When Sina

Liu Deceng witnessed the mobile power millet, millet and millet chaxianban purifier the three commercial war. He summed up his gains: "only when you understand the nature of the business can you grasp the rhythm.". Only when you define the product clearly, you will find that your way of thinking and strategy will become completely different.

I dark horse: tonight, Ali group will be listed on the NYSE, the issue price of $68 per share, according to the issue price of the market value of up to $174 billion 800 million. Foreign media said, Ali listed the biggest winner is not Ma, Softbank Group founder Sun Zhengyi. Sun Zhengyi because Ali listed and become one of Japan’s richest man also said the media may be the richest man in the world, Alibaba listed on Softbank contributed more than 58 billion U.S. dollars in return.

, in fact, Sun Zhengyi’s Ma is a key investor, and Tencent, 360, millet and other cattle X companies have key investors. For an entrepreneurial company, it is half the battle to find a key investor who knows who you are.

a year down, we probably sell more than 20000 mobile power. I said, forget it, because we still don’t understand what the mobile power is.

see this, millet can not do, why,

four years later, in February 2004, Softbank to Fidelity Investments, TDF capital and GGV Granite Global Ventures and other investment institutions, once again to the Alibaba to invest $82 million, among them, a single Softbank invested $60 million.

because millet product logic is a single product mass, a product take all. But at the time, the core of Apple’s model was inadequate and didn’t fit the logic of our single product.

business: millet mobile power

Ma Yun reaction stimulated Sun Zhengyi, Ma Yun was invited to Japan to talk about, Sun Zhengyi proposed to use 30 million dollars for 30% shares, Ma Yun agreed, but returned home immediately regretted. When the coveted funds in countless entrepreneurs, Ma has too much money, which makes Sun Zhengyi’s assistant, but after several parties reconcile, fly into a rage, at last the investment gold rated $20 million — more money means more contribution to the shares of the company.

but business is a world of signals, and any business information has its own signals. In 2013 April, Lenovo made an announcement that Lenovo is already the world’s largest supplier of notebooks. There are two signals behind it:

to master the rhythm of a business, you first need to recognize its business nature. This is what we do when millet mobile power harvest.


for this question, millet technology co-founder Liu De’s answer is: first of all to understand the nature of each product lies in the industry.

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