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may indeed exist those entrepreneurs who committed to innovation, they do not adhere to innovation or die, adhere to their idealism obsession, however, an embarrassing fact is that in many cases, innovation does not always bring progress and return, compared with those who achieved success stories for innovation, we are more common it is because of the pursuit of innovation but ultimately lead to the failure of the product.

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like Motorola, shlf1314 such technical and financial strength of the company are because of excessive pursuit of innovation and eventually lost the case, you can imagine how many entrepreneurs is that for innovation and finally fell in on the road to entrepreneurship.

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this is a let all people feel the lack of innovation in Tencent accused the 100 companies embarrassing and unpleasant news – Forbes "selection of the world’s most innovative, Facebook, Twitter mingluosunshan, Microsoft in 86, shlf1314 in seventh, apple in fifth, ranked fourth in the world is for copying and plagiarism in the domestic criticism of Tencent Inc. So what does innovation mean to an entrepreneur,

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recently the most memorable example is shlf1314 Wave, when the initial launch, everyone thinks that this service will provide a platform for the Everything is contained therein. users, Internet communication and connection mode may therefore turn the world upside down changes, countless people looking forward to this service. However, due to poor user experience as well as gaps between reality and excessive ambition, this service from the launch to stop the development lasted only a short span of 1 years.

compared with those of large companies, funds and technology can not hold a candle to the entrepreneurs have only one chance to allow them to fail, they have no more chance to waste, in the entrepreneurs behind, and their family members, team and investor expectations and aspirations, in reality the pursuit of innovation, often eventually become unrealistic fantasy.

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90s iridium plan, the 66 satellite communication network Motorola hosted if successful, people can receive telephone signals in any place, human communication history will thus be rewritten. However, in terms of technology and the final effect is far behind its GSM technology due to lower prices to provide services for users, to occupy the communication market, costing more than $5 billion iridium, finally unable to bear the high cost of operation and maintenance to announce the failure.

entrepreneurs are likely to face from competitors and industry giants plagiarism, copying is far less than the cost of innovation but can also get the same return situation, most people in this market will choose the quickest and most convenient way, this kind of situation in the face of competition and market, entrepreneurs pay in innovation, the more the loss and damage is also more.

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