1, after the point, wait for the jump end, whether you can display a single product and shops. If not, there’s a link problem.

, for example, single product links: s.click.taobao/t_1, i=qvFRwdr4%2Bt2mxA%3D%3D& p=mm_10031516_0_0& n=11

single product links and shop links are relatively short, but after the point is opened, the site automatically jump a long change. So how to check the guest is effective after the jump to see the link state.

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

: item.taobao/auction/item_detail–.jhtml taomi=8aR2LQR6GJPbLffKKmHggx%2F%2BjeCu5AaXkHKeP6ARTXfajIz% 2FoykS3Vk8JWdSjpWVVS6QPAw2EjXvknVYIg%2BXjUN9PuO%2B4kzMRh4ig7B5EQd%2BS%>?

, the first application of space requirements speed! Not enough. Please go to the free space. If you are ready to join the shlf1314 AdSense program, visit https://s.shlf1314/adsense hl=zh_CN, and click apply here". After you have created your login information, check the email sent to you by shlf1314 AdSense in your registered mailbox to confirm your email address.

The principle of translation


principle from small to large. The Chinese like to say "big" first, then "small", such as * * * * * * *. Foreigners like to say "small" and "big", for example

* * * * * * Road area, so you should write small write big in the translation of the.For example:

note the road name, company name, the name of the village are not translated into English agreed, as long as the written spelling on the line. Because your check is China’s postal service

staff to send over, the key is to understand their. Tech building, you wrote TechnologyBuilding, they might be even more confused. Now, in every city

important reminder: Post encoding you must write the correct letters, because foreign middle few postal links are on the postal delivery area encoding.

how to verify their written address to the local post office methods cannot be delivered correctly

1. go to the post office to buy envelopes and stamps;

2. on the envelope to write your address and the recipient English or pinyin;

3.. You can also write an address in a variety of ways, such as no.1xiluroad and xilulu1hao which are then addressed envelope paste mail

ticket in a mailbox;

4. in a week you should receive these letters sent to their own, if you do not receive the written address or the local post office has a problem. For the latter, you

you can use the following aspects of the post office sorting.

Objective: reading a lot of friends I net Amoy boss video interview and Guangzhou times information network reported on the guest came to see me and asked me how to do Taobao customers, these problems are each novice must ask the question, so want to want to write a "ten days" the guest will do Taobao tutorial. I hope that through my tutorial can let you know what is Taobao customers, understanding of the network of an emerging industry, the industry is ready, you can also enter one hundred yuan a day, can also solve the employment problem. Ten days, learn Taobao guest’s other several days course, everybody can sh419 search, "ten days learn Taobao guest" can find. Get down! Ten days to learn Tao eighth days, how to identify my Taobao

landing Taobao Alliance www.alimama.cn click on Taobao customers, access to various forms to promote links page. Thus obtains belongs to own promotion link. Basically, follow the process and no links will be available. However, if you modify Taobao links in other places, how to see if the modified link is valid, can you record it as your own promotion?. Don’t look at this little detail. It’s very important to reprint the article and forward the message.

passenger link?

goes to business:

a few days ago in the tutorial, we have basically learned how to get Ali Taobao mom now renamed the Taobao alliance to promote the link. Here’s a brief description of some basic processes.

first, Taobao single product and store promotion Link validity identification

After the jump into

2, jump over, check the URL of the back

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