suddenly like a night of spring breeze, the incubator everywhere open. Data show that only in 2015 a year, the country added more than 4 thousand, the sum of the past 26 years.

this brings more choices for entrepreneurs at the same time, but also to cause them trouble, there is a choice of difficulty". So, how can we choose the perfect one for the


office in Zhongguancun, the 9 floor, the office hall was full of entrepreneurial projects Dangdang Dangdang headquarters incubator, the reporter found the answer. And this, first from the type of incubator.

Chong passenger headquarters partner Chen Ronggen told reporters that in China, there are 4 kinds of incubators.

is the first and only responsible for providing office space and related facilities, although many also claim the incubator, but is actually a joint office, nature plays the role of a middleman landlord, the "incubator" without the "incubator". Chen Ronggen said that this kind of incubator is more suitable for the incubator has been over the stage, the development of the project gradually on the right track, do not need too much incubation services entrepreneurial projects.

second, in addition to providing physical office environment, but also such as docking company registration, trademark application, accounting, tax and other three party services, make entrepreneurial projects can put more time and energy to focus on their own business. However, in addition to these, the relationship between incubator and entrepreneurial projects is relatively free, no longer provide other deep services. Chen Ronggen said that the second types of incubators from the entrepreneurs in the handling of many worries on various certification procedures, eliminate all kinds of obstacles, but the business, it is difficult to provide help in other more important level for entrepreneurs.

third, based in second kinds of office space and third party services, provides the industrial chain services more in-depth, such as business counseling, business docking, financial support and so on, one of the more representative such as creating headquarters. In fact, for this type of incubator, the physical composition of office facilities in its value in a very small proportion of the core role of the incubator has reflected in the deep "value-added services", promote the ability of entrepreneurs and business development.

worth mentioning is that the concept of value-added services is the first proposed Zhongguancun science and Technology Park, but also its advocate of innovative incubator and the core of the traditional incubator segment. In the context of economic restructuring, the concept of soft power will undoubtedly have a positive and far-reaching significance for China’s innovation and entrepreneurship.

fourth, does not provide the hardware space, there are professional value-added services, such as the star of Lenovo, through high-quality entrepreneurship courses and entrepreneurial activities for entrepreneurs to provide counseling, networking, docking resources, and select the appropriate project direct investment.

Chen Ronggen said that entrepreneurs are best combined with their own entrepreneurial projects in the stage of the selection of incubators, in order to provide more protection for the development of the project. High quality incubator for entrepreneurial projects

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