for the helpless, Chang Chen to the Shanghai Securities News said, sometimes to a certain extent is in "gambling", to understand the people to understand the project, the first is the evaluation of the person or team has been in the industry and recognition. In fact, the list of invited talks was recommended by an industry wide network of IDG related partners.

is an invited personal webmaster said, about half an hour to start a dialogue on their respective websites, mainly in the form of venture capital, personal webmaster to answer questions, problems include basic information, website traffic, website user characteristics, prospects and other aspects. As for the subsequent development of the conversation, we should wait until IDG goes back to the study and further talks.

the rest of the job is to find one or two links to a web site. After a period of time. Search will put you 10 websites are included. Everybody knows that. SEO ranking is the main site to generate SEO in line with HTML. Second is the chain. The main two points are enough. Ranking is only a matter of time. Generate HTML conforming to SEO. This is important. So find someone to help with the station. Be sure to make it clear to him. The chain?. I’ve already told you the second. You have 10 websites yourself. And the buying space is different from IP. Web keywords and content are different. The >


famous venture capitalists IDG sent out a strong lineup: Lin Dongliang, partner to partner Acer, vice president Chang Chen, vice president Mao Chengyu and investment manager Chen Hongwu six. A close contact and IDG site CEO said with a smile, "can come around here".

is betting on people,

often see a lot of webmaster do stand rich, recently has been thinking, can I also make money through the network? My most commonly used tools belong to search. Nothing can be found without it. I believe so too. Can I get some money from the search engines,

3. builds 10 HTML sites with PPC keywords. Link each other. Someone on the HTML web site provides services for generating SEO – based HTML sites based on keywords. Very suitable for use. The cost will be 20 yuan a. Build 10. The cost is 200 yuan.

looked into the search. I see a lot of rows in front of the open, a look at the site is a person’s ah. And the whole station is HTML pages. I think we’ve found that too. Look into it carefully. The principle is as follows:

in yesterday’s "2006 China webmaster forum and the second China webmaster General Assembly", compared with the more than 200 personal website on behalf of, only a few of the risk investment institutions hereinafter referred to as: venture capital on behalf of concern. Even when the host announced that the venture capitalist was on the stage, the applause was particularly great.

IDG group visit investment object

Shanghai securities news was informed that the day before the meeting, the early arrival of the IDG has convened its selected twenty or thirty personal websites, one by one carried out the "6vs1" dialogue.

Chang Chen also stressed that, despite the many contacts, but real investment decisions will be very cautious. In addition to all previous exams

has been carefully analyzed. See sh419 search a lot of keywords, the first page behind all written promotion oh. An understanding is made sh419 bidding. sh419 bid, I think you all know. Just let your keyword row in front of you. Then point to each IP you rank and sh419 collect your money. The price is minimum 3 IP per corner. Maximum ceiling. Who bids high, who rank?. sh419 makes a profit. 360 elements. Keywords tens of millions of ah. sh419 is a real cow. shlf1314 does too. Just shlf1314 is the right ranking. Same principle.

and a flood of capital, have their own characteristics and potential of the personal website is everywhere to take root, which increases the selection and decision-making cost to the limited manpower investment risk, also derived from "stationmaster Congress" the collective forms of communication.

at yesterday’s meeting, Lin Dongliang’s position is perhaps IDG of the dialogue concluded: "IDG through the meeting, contact more than 30 personal sites, many of which have investment potential, IDG will also select some further investment matters to communicate." Lin also specifically stressed: "IDG is in China to support most of the early personal web site venture capital, because this is the Internet industry’s most vitality and innovative spirit of a group."".

2.Taobao to buy a 10M space, it will be 10 yuan a year. Buy 10. The cost is 100 yuan. Is to buy different IP space Oh.

that’s what I’m thinking. To promote these people, really rich. Even if a IP, the lowest price is 3 cents. There are 1000 people a day. That’ll be 300 yuan. That’s 9000 yuan a month. Cattle! Do these promotions, really rich. Since these people are so rich. I think so. It’s easy to make money out of these people. Where do you earn it?. It’s really simple. sh419 search promotion only do the first page. For search quality. The second page is the natural ranking. One page of that light certainly won’t satisfy the ads of some of these people. Ha-ha。 Business opportunities have come. If my site is on page second. That won’t happen. Action is better than heart.

1. register 10 CN domain names, CN domain name one yuan 1, cost 10 yuan. Admin5 also sells.

because these capitalists can determine the profitability of these personal websites. At the meeting, the famous venture capital IDG partner Lin Dongliang on the "personal website has considerable investment potential" position, so that "webmaster" is very excited. More importantly, Lin’s position is that – – "$3 billion, venture capital will enter China this year."".

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