because of the new direction of loss and suffering, that I long stopped in the know, science and technology news, learn new things, how to make business and into a new era. But slightly unfortunately, gradually it became me to relax and repair their place.

The ultimate meaning of

according to media reports, after the acquisition is completed, contact interaction will start on September, the new "two-way" cross-border e-commerce platform. On the one hand, the use of Newegg in the global supply chain, warehousing, logistics system, cross-border payments and other advantages, to carry out global quality goods direct purchase business; on the other hand, make full use of new North American users of resources, the domestic high-quality products sold out.

titanium media knows the community for the first time through the collection of "entrepreneurial experience to raise the public publishing business, we are in the know about what?" has come out, this is the community content output mode is a good try. The editor knows the community according to surface problems will be encountered in the entrepreneurial process of every aspect, the knowledge on almost more than 400 questions, selected answer many of the users have many years of business experience in business or service, and invited well-known entrepreneurs of selected books compiled. In the know editor, entrepreneurship is a process of problem solving, hundreds of individual entrepreneurial experience discussion, it may cover the ordinary business will meet most of the problems, this value is the same between the two.

was originally known to me an answer included, I also feel very surprised, because the answer is not good, nothing. The following text, the hope again combing business experience, as to the unqualified answer for it.

publishing is triggered "discussion again", such as a typical female entrepreneurship. Know the user Maggie is one of 1000 contributors to the book, the reality is a corporate executives, she had an answer in the book in the first part of the first chapter "seed to examine their own" Maggie "that female entrepreneurs facing the same problem as men, but women have its characteristics are lacking in six aspects from" entrepreneurship, we know what to talk? "Page forty-second". Get in the publication, Maggie once again combed his entrepreneurial experience not in the strict sense of entrepreneurship, but in the original enterprise incubator, the new project her answer has a collection of 408 users "agree". The following appeared in the known published community, edited by users know almost Maggie authorized titanium media:

– 1 billion 780 million was "cheap"

as the target of trade enterprises, Newegg was founded in 2001, headquartered in southern California. The website mainly deals with the sale of 3C products such as computers, consumer electronics and communications. Public data shows, the new egg is the second major electricity supplier platform after the Amazon in North america.

Li Jing earlier, A shares of listed companies interaction 002280.SZ released in September 27, 2016 announcement that the United States intends to purchase electricity supplier Newegg by way of cash payment Newegg 55.70% stake, the transaction price of assets for $264 million about 1 billion 780 million yuan. In June 2, 2017, interaction announcement that the new egg delivery options in the first quarter of this year has been completed. This interaction become Newegg subsidiary.

China business news reporter access to its announcement found that contact interactive main industry for mobile terminals, operating systems, middleware platforms and related applications research and development and operation. Since 2015, the company has been involved in the field of intelligent hardware and VR technology by acquiring related technology companies, but there is no mature experience in the field of electricity supplier. While Newegg although there is a very early into the China market business platform, but in recent years China has been rarely heard. According to the announcement after the completion of the acquisition of interaction will provide more funds to help new expansion of business category and scale of operation, including consumer electronic products. But the reporter found in the interview, the industry generally are not optimistic about the interaction through the acquisition of new cross-border electricity providers to enter.


was founded in the same year in Chinese because of the electricity business Newegg, CEO digital later from the Newegg, and even called the electricity supplier industry "Whampoa  military academy". Yi Xun founder and CEO Bu Guangqi is one of the earliest employees Chinese Newegg, founder of the tonight hotel special offer, Ren Xin Deng Tianzhuo has worked in the new egg. The industry is also popular with Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong was one of the supplier Newegg’s statement, the Jingdong was founded in Beijing by the new enlightenment.

internal entrepreneurship is difficult at the beginning of

2008, Chinese Newegg rival Jingdong to get venture capital, will start the expansion of product lines from 3C products to department stores, home appliances, integrated.

Under the above background >

2005, Chinese – sales of 60 million yuan, the Jingdong’s annual sales of less than 10 million yuan. At that time, in addition to the main routine Newegg 3C digital products, but also do some new products, due to scarcity of products, prices opaque, high profits.

about my background: Master degree after working in a company now, for 15 years. The first is the programmer has to do this business, software department manager. In 2006, expanding the company established a new Department is mainly responsible for the company’s business, emphasis on information integration and solutions. At that time, only I and another colleague 2 people began recruiting, from scratch, and now has become an important direction of development of the company. In 2011 left the Department, the main responsibility to set up a new business center, explore new industries in addition to the main business and the application of new technology, has been running for more than two years it is also known that I joined a few years.

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