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, too, made Bill realize the importance of "free will" so that he was more willing to leave the children more time and space to educate themselves.

calls it "scientist" by Bill’s qualifications, and has always been addressed by the outside world. But Bill himself in public but never admit that scientists, engineers in man, he said to an engineer’s identity, build engineering strength and wisdom to change the world.

, "entrepreneurship," says Bill. "It’s just a process of self actualization. In a sense, there are too many opportunities for people to choose to do anything in their lives.". My childhood dream was to be a great engineer, one day my soul is downloaded to the robot body, as the technology is only a continuation of the dream."

This is up to

, 19, and most of whom just walked into college, Bill graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology to study in the United States and then worked at Baer laboratories in the United states. Period, because Bill outstanding performance, so that the boss often play jokes, "if you can clone a few Bill, to solve things is simple."".

University during the cultural revolution, the school revolution, "three days fishing nets two days of drying" has become the students go to school to learn the norm, but in a sense, this environment gave Bill a lot of free space for the development of "what they wanted to study, based entirely on interest".


special activities, user complaints declined steadily in 2006 December. The admissibility of user complaints than the special activities at the beginning of the decline of 27%. Although the special governance effect achieved, but the current charges information services are still the main problems of user complaints, some new violations continue to appear, especially by sending SMS as a decoy disguised as friends, greetings or release false winning information, entice users to use and charge problem.

Bill’s life has been hanging up.

Bill was born in a "very tech" family, his father was an electrical engineering professor, and his mother was a physics professor. He loved reading various science fiction books when he was a little boy, and he especially liked "one hundred thousand whys". Do not read on the toss of various physical and chemical experiments, it can be said that the "burning, burning, destruction and reconstruction, cars…" is the best way to describe Bill childhood life vocabulary.

and the technology founder Huang Xiaoqing Bill third meeting, he is called the door, anxious Bill kept to the phone stressed that "you are an engineer, to solve the problem with the engineers thought, he seems to work.

1995, Bill and co-founder of UT Sidakang identity founded and served as the company CTO. In 1997, he proposed using IP technology to implement the next generation mobile switching, that is, softswitch. Only 4 years later, all the mainstream equipment manufacturers and operators all over the world began to research and develop

recently, the Ministry of information industry informed the specific activities in 2006 to carry out the management information service charges, thousands of SP last year to be punished.

" author Peter · Till described in the book, there are many people secretly waiting for us to explore, explore the best place is of no concern to the secret place, and only unremittingly explorers to find them. I think Bill is one of the explorers.

During the

it is understood that in 2006 the telecommunications regulatory authorities at all levels to investigate violations of information service enterprises 680, these SP were criticized and ordered rectification, administrative penalties and rectification; each basic telecommunications companies to deal with the default information service enterprise 973, these SP by stop charge, shut down operations, termination of cooperation etc..

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