on the previous day, Albert Pavilion interviewed one day of the domestic network marketing profession famous personage Mou Changqing teacher, share is: Mou Changqing and his execution way, share is really wonderful, I was deeply touched. I’ve heard a lot of friends sharing, listening to the only teacher’s class, and 300 thousand of the brothers share the party. You can sum up from them: success is the first to put executive power. When writing this feeling, also on the Internet probably looked at the execution of network marketing promotion of the article, we can see the teacher Mou Changqing wherever his first emphasis, and share the most, is the executive power! Moreover, execution and network marketing mentality is not Mou the teacher students always play share. I stopped talking to everyone about execution. We can see the importance of execution in the sharing of Mu’s teacher.

below, I share with you: Network Marketing – execution is how to make


whether it is to do SEO or do network marketing promotion, execution is very important, this is beyond doubt. Many successful people do not rely solely on their crude brains, but mostly on execution. A lot of people have very high executive power. But some friends are influenced by external factors. So how do these friends improve their execution? We conclude with the following:

1, to develop their own short-term goals, you can touch the target. The executive power is not very strong friends, not ambitious, must be realistic. Teacher Mou Changqing also said that he could make a goal that he could touch and practice. This will be easier to implement.

2, execution strategy. Albert, the dream to teach us every night can close your eyes and think about what I should do next, what to do, to achieve what effect. We can usually close our eyes and think about what I’m going to do and what I’m going to do to make it happen so that I can find a good path for your goal.

3, third, and also the most important point: execution. It’s our focus too. My literary grace is not good. Maybe some friends said I was wrong. Yes, in some ways, I was wrong. Because the first two also need to carry out the force. But what am I supposed to do to put those two in the front? Because to insist on your execution, you must pave the way for your execution. That’s fine! Stick to it!)

I always thought I was a lazy person, sometimes expecting a lot, but always acting slowly. Even miss opportunities by execution. Since I’ve heard husband teacher’s class, I’ve seen your brother’s annual salary, 300 thousand party share, I’ve got a way to improve attack execution. One way that has been replicated repeatedly by many people is commitment, public commitment, that’s what I’m using, and it’s pushing me all the time. I share with you several examples of public commitment.


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