advertising industry has an evident to anyone saying: I know that half of the advertising is wasted, but I don’t know which half is wasted.

but actually, as far as things are concerned, I feel that more than half is wasted. This is a network of times, according to CNNIC statistics, as of June 2008, China’s Internet users has reached 253 million, the scale of Internet users has leapt to the world’s first. Young people can not watch TV for three days, listen to the radio or read newspapers, but they can not surf the Internet for one day. But most companies advertise in traditional ways, such as television, newspapers and magazines. This would result in more advertising spending being wasted. How many people will see it on TV, and how many people will see it? The people who see it will not be the final buyers. As more and more people are tired of TV commercials, how much advertising effectiveness will there be?.

China’s advertising spending totaled 312 billion yuan in 2007 (excluding the Internet and new media), the lowest increase in recent years. Among them, the magazine, radio advertising growth rate slowed significantly, newspaper advertising decline situation has not changed. From the TV itself, due to the poor timeliness and interactivity of the inherent disadvantage of television as a media platform, its charm began to decline, compared with the Internet and other new media advertising, television advertising market has significant weakness, and the Internet will be the most powerful terminator, Internet advertising will exceed TV advertising, just a matter of time. Overseas, such as Sweden, Britain and other countries network advertising market in 2009 will begin to more than television advertising.

although the growth of online advertising has been very fast, this year is expected to increase the size of not less than 50%, will reach 14 billion yuan, but still far below the TV advertising market size of nearly 300 billion, while China’s online advertising advertising industry concentration is very high, real estate, IT products and network service advertisements occupy more than 60% of the overall market share of online advertising, online advertising needs more visible in other industries to be excavated. At present, there are 97.6% of China’s enterprises have never tried online marketing. "Network marketing can help enterprises accurately find the target customers for small and medium enterprises, the choice of network marketing of low cost, but the actual effect is more obvious, according to statistics, Internet advertising and traditional advertising has the same effect, the cost is only 1/10 of the latter. In essence, search engines, such as Baidu and GOOGLE, should be more of an online advertising company by providing a bridge between information and users. Visible, network advertising is a vast market to be developed, and this is why Alibaba and Tencent have launched online advertising trading platform reasons. But after all, search engines and portal advertising, still targeted is not so strong, a lot of information is not required by users. Advertising is the new trend of advertising, so it is the most effective and valuable for consumers to take the initiative to find the advertising they need.


is like a fresh web."

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