Without my mobile phone network

(www.5umo.com) site for 2 months, before the server is hosted in a IDC where the garbage is not stable, Baidu started a collection of more than 2000 pages, in a month time dropped to 30 pages.

changed the hosting business a few days ago and the site was suspended for 4 days in the process of replacement. In this suspended 4 days, Baidu’s collection of my website has increased to more than 800. But after 4 days in good times don’t last long, the new server room shelves, the site also opened. On the night of the opening of the website, Baidu also dropped my website K. There’s no page left for K. At first I was full of confidence that after I changed IP, Baidu cleared my station. In a few days will be re included. With this anxious, expectant mood after a week, included or 0, no improvement at all.

inadvertently, I saw the webmaster network trading forum, there is a link trading plate, holding a try attitude. I found a station, and bought his Links position. That stationmaster is very enthusiastic, manner is very good also. Links were made soon. To my surprise, the link I bought really saved my website.

on the morning of the second day, as usual, I would like to check the website’s collection. Even found that Baidu to my site included restored to more than 800 pages. Weight is not too big fluctuations, but also brought a lot of traffic.

, this is my real experience, this article is not intended for Adsense network advertising. Just share my experience with you. If you have a similar situation, you can also try, perhaps it will have good results.

webmaster link trading address: http://s.bbs.admin5.com/forum-65-1.html

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