my network age is not long, from I began to surf the Internet, and now did not have a cold online games, the Internet is to see the most IT information and website construction. Therefore, the construction site has become my online hobby.

9 2006

established the first web site, is a personal blog called dream travel blog, begin to be familiar with the host domain name, know their importance, then pick and choose to find meters Chinese host and PJ blog personal blog program. Wrote a year blog, browse about 500000, at that time has not been less. After the Party Congress came, the domestic network suffered a "crab", when the service provider, web sites have closed, when there is a service network at the time of the purple and blue awn field network network the two well-known IDC service providers, network development is domestic. Of course I blog where the host meters were also closed, just follow the forum space expires, predecessors have bought the American host DreamHost, 5G30 yuan, did not expect the host can be so cheap, it is important not to worry about the situation at home.


DreamHost host supports only PHP+MySQL programs and converts blogs to F2Blog programs. At this point, the blog has become popular, and the blog is still not the direction of development, specifically, the direction of profit, my blog hung YAHOO Ali union ad, because transferred to Ali mother, advertising fees are not paid. I don’t want to write any more. I want to close my blog. He found the degreeses, the forum is the most content in the network, one of the most common network users, I found the workplace forum without a leader, and the webmaster forum has the laggards, learning forum, Yu Lu Technology Forum depth, by eleven during the period of planning, in October 8 the comparison with Discuz the forum program built a good song Career Forum (start is fun, good) but has no time management, only to the March 2008 song good workplace forum official development. My blog page closed slowly.

forums are not easy to do either. The forum needs the member to participate in, has the broad opening, thus trash thing is many. The network is not lack of some AdS users all day, wandering in various forums, generally they love to fall, forums, browsing, but good music career forum this tree page is all they had. A forum to long-term development must create a good environment, I reluctantly put the rubbish member title or gag, not a large number of members can not be the forum postings, but for good workplace will not allow visitors to destroy the forum here, so you only put up the shutters.

to the workplace talk, talk about intellectual life." For the purpose of dedication to do the work of friends of interactive communication platform to become office workers, migrant workers spiritual home. This is a good job forum to do, and always do. Now some of the forum for the application of cohesion was rejected, I understand, after all, the song good job forum is too small. September host expires, ready to choose the domestic host, the rapid development of the forum to have a good foundation, first on the discussion

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