such as title, I believe many people have their own views on the "profit" for the ultimate purpose of —earn money is also very persistent attitude, but when it comes to "profit", but how many people really do it, I do stand around a lot of people know very many friends, everybody feel like on their own website profit pattern is very clear, but also grasp very accurate, but after a period of time in addition to lose money is losing money, even a lot of years to do down their own domain name and even space charge fees are not earned, there was a big problem, you as a webmaster how to do the site to bring profit point.

has a curse word: "how far is the thought, how far are you X"; this sentence is classic, and there is also a sentence, the same classic: thought determines height, height decides the view. I have to put these two words to say, the reason is very simple, we have a lot of view is too narrow, even including some inside it to run the website to seek profits of the company or enterprise, all have very narrow "only interests theory", while ignoring the website itself value, especially in some of the so-called grassroots webmaster.

from these years to do the station, operation and understanding of the Internet, I personally involved in the operation of the website elements, according to the importance of the following aspects:

Comprehensive quality of operators of

1. website

2. site "profit point"

3. site itself value

4. site gimmicks

5. website operation thought

The user experience of

6. site


this analysis down, maybe a lot of people think that is wrong, but I think personally, there are still some reason, now I will follow this order this one down, far fetched words mistake is inevitable, we still forgive forgive.

Comprehensive quality of

1. website operators

I always encounter such a situation, a customer came to me to do a website, then I asked you to do what it looks like, the other very natural hair over several sites outside said the station do well, also want to do such a station. However, the customer is the best, and this one is also very good, is the object of imitation, you even can do to customers as like as two peas with the past, but this alone is almost completely negate the value of the site, on the other hand, the majority of the increase the quality of Internet users more and more quickly, their requirements are increasingly demanding, more targeted, coupled with the government of the Internet industry continues to improve, as a web site operators in several aspects of this pressure must be to find a place to live in to improve their overall quality, and I think that this kind of quality includes experience, skills, ideas, law, management, marketing, there are several aspects of this character.

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