: first make a station, I am also a personal webmaster


website is the first contact in 07 years, at that time my second time, because CINNIC is a domain name to promote the CN only a piece of money, so I had to do is to apply for a lot of CN domain name and then looking for free space. It has continued to do a lot of websites, at the time of the SEO and some other skills do station know nothing, just relying on intuition to update a message on the website and then go to the Baidu Post Bar post and then stop the top posts, a bar, a plurality of IP sometimes one day will come, but never without a stable flow, so although he is very hard but did not earn what money.

now think that I am how a piece of money in high and vigorous spirits, to register a domain name 100 dollars to buy a space for web site is the understanding of the Discuz program and then stop uploading reprint non-stop to other website advertisers, to keep those websites suffer again and again to apply for friendship. Link. In this way, all day long to make second web sites. The garbage station is never outdated in a contemptuous disregard, in the best of spirits also registered a ID – do not waste station!, when a brother looked at me behind my ID meaningful to say "I honestly do garbage station".

two: I also do garbage station,

looked at pictures of the station every day he is very moist, IP on the site still thousands, finally I have given up this principle does not do the dumpster, to join the ranks of the dumpster, soon I will use my last name to do a photo station, was also not the acquisition also do not understand the template and add pictures with DEDECMS default template yourself a picture of a picture, made about a month later may be done before because the domain name website weight can also, website traffic is good, almost every day to look like 1000IP, I only the feeling is too picture station to flow, Chinese he SE have nothing to do all day is to search the beautiful pictures. But because of the news in the newspaper to see all day so yellow webmaster is caught, so I think the picture stand or shut down.

three: my Huang Jing era – using Marx as a movie station,

closed the picture station after this time, just to the summer vacation, idle at home boring, all day wandering on the Internet, found a lot of people in the movie station with Marx. I feel that at that time, Marx really fire, the movie station is really a fire, in the backward, literally roar, you can call out a large movie station. At that time thought, anyway idle is idle, so I applied for www.rwtianya.cn, this domain name with Marx started the movie station.

set up the site with Marx, and even their own data have not changed, they began to direct publicity, there were three main types of publicity.

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