now in many campus or nearby, some copy typing requirements are very large, and in the vicinity of the school to open a typed copy shop is also a very good opportunity to make money, what procedures need to apply to open the print shop? Today is for investors to detail.

1, industrial and commercial registration. Generally you have to think of three names, get the name of the industry and commerce. If the first one was applied, you can use second, the second can not be used with the third. Submit a form in the trade and industry. Industrial and Commercial General requirements to provide identity cards, proof of assets (invoices and passbook, etc.), rental contract.

2, genuine software license. What procedures do you need to open the print shop to register the name of the industry and commerce, to the cultural sector to do the printing license, will generally require you to apply for genuine software license. To buy a WPS software. I personally had to buy WPS in the computer market is not enough, only to the designated place to buy.

3, printing license. Genuine license to use the software to do a good job, the license is also very easy to deal with the license. In some places, there is a record in the secret service.

4, special trade license. (most of them have been canceled)

5, obtain business license. The printing license and the original name of the registration to get the industry and commerce, began to apply for business license. General one or two days make sure.

6, tax registration certificate. Here knowledge. Because the general printing shop is an individual business license, business tax is based on your turnover to be set, so do not report too high. Otherwise, the monthly tax will be paid to improve the oh.


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