Abstract: a merger, Baidu released a statement denied, but remain silent s..


O2O capital is still spreading in the winter, the giants of the day is not good.

September 6th, the industry once again came out, Baidu Nuomi, Baidu takeaway merger review and the United States mission, and the transaction is nearing completion, the news. However。 Later, Baidu released a statement denied, but remain silent s..

but the outside world is not silent. A total of two giants occupy the monopoly market share the concern every act and every move a merger, imaginary outsiders guess out, which occupy the largest shareholder of Baidu agency Ctrip also because cross Turisthotellet business and was involved in the rumors.

according to the value of the message from the brothers show that the two sides are indeed in contact, and even some of the negotiations have been carried out on the basis of consensus, but the key issues (valuation, equity, etc.) negotiations have just begun. Another exact message is that Wang Xing in the contacts in the initiative, but behind the reason is very simple: after several rounds of financing and price valuation, still do not see hope profit and exit path of the capital side, to the new great patience is less and less, in the business of general Wang Xing God’s favored one winding the body of the increasing pressure.

, a new high several times a year with

seeking to monopolize the market?

value brother noted that after the merger of the two giants broke the news, the external analysis focused on Baidu. The reason is very simple, everyone on the Baidu, familiar enough with the public and the industry pay enough attention, especially the establishment of "at the beginning of the September Baidu World Conference on artificial intelligence" is the core strategy and not as a year ago, shouting "All In O2O", the strategic tactics to behoove.

but essentially have to F round of financing new business development, although the coverage takeaway, hotels, group purchase, movie tickets, but are facing many opponents, and each is giant level, the pressure was significantly greater.

1 funds, profit, listed as the only way out of

had already raised a number of new round, a total of more than $6 billion 400 million (us burn group financing of more than $1 billion, nearly $1 billion 400 million in financing public comment, the merger was financing $3 billion 300 million). Compared to the crazy investment, the new big still did not realize the profit.


we know that the new big 380 billion target set up at the beginning of water at present is far difficult to complete, the loss further intensified, according to the calculation of each month to burn 100 million (earlier media reports), the money is not enough. The new battlefield multi-faceted support to turn large. So they recently layoffs, damage to the interests of businesses to raise the scale of the rate of commission, in order to reduce losses, the business model into a profitable State, in the capital market

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